Cyber Security

Today, ensuring cyber security has become one of the important elements of national security already indicated by the DDoS attacks against our DNS servers. Cyber security can be achieved by increasing awareness of institutions and citizens, establishing and tracking standards and regulations and finally, developing and utilizing national solutions.

We are living in a world where data usage is rapidly increasing, data is stored in the cloud and access is provided via broadband and mobile. With the assumption that 75 billion devices will be interconnected by 2020, the importance of and need for cyber security becomes much clearer.

Netas has a significant research and development capability and global competitive expertise in the new generation communication technologies. The new generation communication technologies are complex and interwoven with internet technologies, and they are thus exposed to many cyber security risks. While the industry falls short of domestic and foreign solutions in this field, Netas developed products and services aimed at ensuring the security of all IP based communication technologies, especially 4.5G, and provides assurance to institutions.

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