Cloud computing increases the efficiency of companies and it is one of the most rapidly growing fields in Turkey and across the world. Netas uses cloud in its own projects and provides it as a service to its customers.

The players in cloud computing can basically be categorized into 3 groups: Manufacturers, customers and cloud enablers. Netas positions itself as a company identifying the cloud needs of its customers and enabling transition to cloud. This transition takes place in a hybrid structure and a mixed architecture is created as a result.

In addition to transferring its customers to the cloud, Netas also performs the operation of and provides support services to systems that are transferred to cloud. Our customers are thereby able to access high performance systems without wasting time on infrastructure and operation.

Big Data

It is not difficult to predict the future of big data considering that more data than all the data produced throughout the history of mankind has been produced only during the last 2 years. Research predicts that each person on earth will be generating an average of 1.7 MB of new data per second and 50 billion devices will be communicating with each other by 2020. The companies now convert this big data into a competition advantage via rapidly developing wired/wireless broadband technologies and the smart devices to create the "Internet of Things”. 73% of companies throughout the world have invested or plan to invest in big data in 2016. With the power of big data, you can achieve operational efficiency, higher added-value, increased revenues and customer satisfaction in all industries.

The technologies required to collect, process and manage big data are already available today in Netaş. It’s time for you now to join our customers who turn their data into value.

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