Netas 4G LTE technologies continue its improvement, thus creating the basic standards for 5G. The company is ready to provide applications in both communication infrastructure and verticals thanks to its unique R&D experience that directly support the latest LTE-A standards.

Industry estimates show that 5G will enable significant progress in communication. 5G network offers high speed and very low latencies that will impact all industries, ranging from automotive and healthcare to agriculture and entertainment. Some examples include:

  • High speed up to 10 Gb/s: will make it possible to download HD movies in a few seconds and watch live match broadcasts in 360 degree HD.
  • A low latency of 1ms: will enable heavy construction equipment to be operated remotely in hazardous environments and doctors will be able perform operations remotely.

Many critical applications that operate only with cable connections will be transferred to wireless connections thanks to the reliable and high level service of 5G. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to become widespread with 5G.

  • Devices will be able to establish low cost connections with each other and hubs.
  • Up to 1 million devices per km2 will be supported.
  • Devices will have battery lives of more than 10 years thanks to lower power consumption


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