Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Operations Center offers infrastructure installation support for the central management of companies’ IT infrastructures and 24/7 network monitoring and management support. The center provides the very best quality service with minimum employment costs. The center continuously monitors system and network infrastructures handling all the business data of our customers and the required actions are taken immediately. Netas brings a proactive approach to network and system infrastructure management to enable business continuity.

Network Operations Center Service:

  • Our team includes experienced support engineers and technicians specialized in Network and System management and the team actively operates the center on a 24/7 basis.
  • Data collected from devices in the Corporate Network are reported at certain time intervals.
  • Problems on the network are quickly detected and resolved, thus ensuring the continuity of business flows and processes.
  • Network performance measurements are made and assessed to ensure that systems operate at optimum performance.
  • Software updates are timely carried out from a single center.

Elements of Network Operations Management

Configuration Management

Enables the definition, storage of detailed information, monitoring log and reporting of all assets (hardware, software, network products, documentation and connected systems)

Change Management

Enables use of standard methods and procedures determined by the corporation, minimizing the impact of events regarding change may have on service quality, thus speeding up the daily operations of the corporation.

Version Management

Ensures the checking and deployment of new hardware or software versions we create or the corporation receives from third parties.

Incident Management

The correct decisions are given in accordance with the IT Incident management process for the detection, analysis and elimination of incidents that may occur during the service period.

Problem Management

Problem Management enables operations to discover root problems in the managed IT structure and the prevention of their repetition.

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