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TestCenter from our internationally recognized and successful R&D offers high-quality and efficient test services to our customers.


Testing Outsourcing Service

Providing test services at world-class standards with its international experience, TestCenter reduces project costs and allows for the efficient use of resources and technologies.

Our customers benefit from more effective management and control over the test activities and processes of their organizations.

Software Service

Software Testing service offers software tests for various platform

  • Web and desktop software
  • Server software
  • Embedded software
  • Business applications software

Test Automation

Netaş Test Automation Service increases the speed and efficiency of the test stage using the most suitable automation method.

Benefits of Test Automation:

  • Increasing test accuracy
  • Increasing reporting quality of tests
  • Increasing the scope of tests
  • Transition to Continuous Integration process

M2M and Mobile Terminal Tests

Mobile devices' user tests are carried out with Netaş M2M and Mobil Terminal Test Services.

Under Netaş Test Center M2M and Mobile Terminal tests, phones, tablets, M2M devices, PCs, modems and routers are tested using existing and new SIM cards of operators.

Mobile Application Tests

Netaş Mobile Application Testing Service provides  increased end-user satisfaction through comprehensive tests on different mobile devices.

The service performs end-user tests of mobile applications and services before they are provided to the customers , using the maximum number of suitable brand and model mobile devices.

Performance Tests

Netaş Performance Testing Service aims to test  the operating performances of various software.

They help us determining the following criteria of applications:

  • Response behaviors under excessive traffic conditions
  • Response time under excessive traffic conditions
  • Depending on test results, analysis of the load the system can bear and providing recommendations that enhance performance.

Penetration Tests (Pentest)

Netaş Penetration Testing (Pentest) Service analyses the current status of IT infrastructure and the steps to be taken in order to create a secure IT infrastructure.

Weakness detection is performed for web applications and VoIP Systems, after which analysis reports including security measures are submitted. A variety of testing tools are used, and corporation-specific test scenarios are studied. Netaş Penetration Tests also include periodic security inspections.

Continuous Integration Consulting

Netaş Continuous Integration Service offers an efficient and manageable software development media. A part of the agile software development business model, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Activation (CD) processes allow for efficient and manageable software development.

Netaş offers fully integrated, end-to-end software development process consultancy services to its global customers.

Netaş Software Testing Tool

Easy and fast testing and automation with the Software Testing Tool Service!

Netaş Software Testing tool capabilities

  • Graphical user interface enabling easy and fast automation
  • Web, SIP and IMS simulation
  • Automating WebRTC tests with call scenario support, from Web to SIP
  • Architecture to support the running of multi-threaded tests
  • Ready-to-run pre-defined test scenarios
  • Integration with Continuous Integration (CI) tools

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