Professional Services

Professional services provide end-to-end consultancy from IT infrastructure deployment to application level improvement.

Consultancy Services

BDH Consultancy Services include the services to produce an ICT solution that will best match with business, plan, and problems of our customers, to reveal the difference between existing customer ICT structures/systems/processes and integration requirements, and to offer improvement suggestions and/or to check the compatibility of the customers’ ICT systems/processes with national and international standards.

BDH Consultancy Services are divided into three:

  • Network and Security Consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery Consultancy
  • Systems Consultancy

Installation Services

Companies have to choose and supply the right technology for them. Then, they have to ensure that the technology is installed, integrated, tested and operated in a proper way, at the right time and in the right place.

Our implementation teams work in cooperation with the companies to ensure that technology assets of the companies are delivered to the right location, and integrated into the environment flawlessly by qualified sources. Our branch offices and business partners have broad experience in theory and practice to incorporate Turkey’s different locations under their service umbrella.

Network and Security Consultancy

The lack of properly conducted observation and analysis in today’s networks that require different services and have an increasingly advanced structure, may occasionally lead to obstructions in workflow and an increasing loss of efficiency. The service we provide for the networks includes elaborated review, assessment, reporting and design of each factor on the network and then delivering the solution to the customer.

Disaster Recovery Consultancy

BDH provides disaster recovery services for the companies to help them carrying on their IT services through alternative platforms in case of any natural disaster or any technical problem. We carry out a preliminary survey together with our customers; analyze risks and their impacts on the business that may affect the IT infrastructure associated with business continuity; design the required infrastructure, and determine the operational processes.

The benefits of this service can be outlined as:

• No interruption of the systems accommodating critical business functions in case of any problem or a disaster scenario

• Prevention of data loss

• Minimization of financial losses

• Prevention of customer loss

• Uninterrupted continuity of workflows

• Guaranteed service quality


Corporate Systems Consultancy

BDH systems consultancy services can be outlined under 5 major headings:

1. IT and Communications Technologies Consultancy:

BDH helps companies to use their IT and communications technologies efficiently in order to improve their work performance and to ensure them to get value added results.

Our consultants minimize organizational risks and pursue a tailor-made approach for companies to make their processes efficient through applying a global sourcing/outsourcing organization model.

BDH consultants view the industry from a particular perspective, review the existing infrastructure of the company, and determine technological solutions that will improve the business efficiency of the company. In addition, they cooperate with companies to integrate the existing and planned applications.

2. IT Optimization and Service Management Consultancy:

Studies show that the process optimization reduces IT costs. However, only few companies have the necessary internal sources and instruments to make strategic decisions related to IT processes. An increasing number of companies begin their projects with BDH consultancy to meet these requirements.

BDH defines the proper road map together with its customers and optimizes their IT operations through best application assessments. BDH helps companies to get the defined optimization through models like providing external human resource or outsourcing certain jobs to harmonize core business requirements of the company through cost reduction, service performance improvement and IT.

3. IT Strategy and Management Consultancy:

In terms of positioning the future technology investments, it is significantly important to understand the relationship between IT environment of the companies and their fields of business. BDH analyzes the impacts and risks of existing technology architecture, IT services and outsourcing cooperation of the company on business, and shares the results with the company. Accordingly, BDH and company jointly determine how to proceed. BDH provide support for the company in following areas:

• IT Strategy and Corporate Architecture: There is need for an agreement in the company between IT priorities and their dependencies and business requirements. BDH units help the company to determine a road map for such priorities. Thus, the IT requirements and fast and efficient conduct of the businesses of the company are taken as a whole.

• IT Outsourcing and Management: Whether a company considers the benefits of outsourcing for the first time, or renewing an existing contract, BDH is always with the company as an experienced service provider. BDH consultants work in close cooperation with the company to determine outsourcing strategy suitable for the business requirements, create a business model and manage the model.

• Cloud Communications Services Strategy: Visionary companies are currently dealing with changeover to Cloud environment. However, the potential benefits, risks and works to be done are all required to be established properly from the beginning. BDH works in close cooperation with, and provides guidance for the company to evaluate the benefits of changeover to Cloud environment and defines the steps.

• IT Transformation: It is a continuous work to harmonize optimization and management of IT infrastructure with business requirements. Through its expertise and experience, BDH works in cooperation with the company to perform such transformation.

4. Technology Architecture Consultancy:

Today, technology architecture of many companies cannot be optimized for reasons like changes in IT environment, poor planning, rapid growth, etc. BDH consultants primarily provide service-oriented consultancy in respect to network structure, UC, virtualization, etc. We determine an integrated strategy including considerations such as infrastructure, application and service providing, planning, etc. while keeping the costs at a reasonable level.

5. Technology Consultancy:

Today, many companies recognize that it is essential to improve efficiency of operation processes and reduce the costs. Although they recognize the importance of today’s technology convergence, they do not know how to consolidate the existing infrastructure and where/when/how to perform the procedures to start using new technologies. Here, the key point is to make the true choice of instruments, knowledge, experience, while taking the strategic decisions about IT environment. BDH has years of experience in providing technological consultancy in network technologies, security solutions, data centers, UC and Microsoft solutions for a great number of customers in a broad variety of industries. BDH’s experienced and qualified engineers apply their methodologies regarding Project management and ITIL processes, and implement the most suitable solutions for the companies in terms of technology and costs.

Network Installation Services

We provide installation services for network products with our experienced consultant team, to secure that companies’ IT operations work with minimum cost and maximum quality. 

All our installation services are implemented in line with today’s project techniques and operating methodologies approved by vendors.

Network Security

Today, security of network structure is more important than ever for companies. We serve with our experienced team to fulfill the project, setup, and optimization (technologies including Firewall, IPS, IDS, NAC, NAP, VPN, Data Security (HSM)) of security services for all levels in corporate network infrastructure.

Corporate System

We provide setup services for network products with our experienced consultant team, to secure that companies’ IT operations work with minimum cost and maximum quality. 

All our setup services are implemented in line with today’s project techniques and operating methodologies approved by vendors.

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