Two Awards from Cisco: “Enterprise Partner of the Year” and “Architectural Excellence Enterprise”

Turkey’s leader systems integrator Netas is honoured “Enterprise Partner of the Year” and “Architectural Excellence Enterprise” awards by Cisco, global leader in network technologies.

With a strategic partnership dating back to 20 years, Netas and Cisco have been delivering significant digital transformation projects in Turkey, the home country of Netas, as well as in international markets where Netas is active, for a wide array of industries, spanning from finance to retail, from manufacturing to services and from energy to the public sector.

The most prominent project, leading to these awards, in the past year is the deployment of all wired and wireless communication infrastructure, where two companies worked together, for the new airport of Istanbul, which is expected to become world’s largest airport once complete. The “Architectural Excellence” award, on the other hand, recognizes the excellence Netas achieved in designing the network infrastructure, thanks its competencies stemming from the most established R&D centre in the Turkish ICT industry. The network of Istanbul’s new airport stands out as the largest of its kind in terms of scale ever built in Turkey. Among the mega digital transformation projects carried with Netas and Cisco partnership, a recent example is the digital infrastructure deployment for more than 33,000 users in Sonatrach, the largest oil producer of Africa, involving the installation of five data centres in six different cities in Algeria.

Commenting on the partnership of Netas with Cisco, Netas Enterprise General Manager Selda Parın said, “The reason behind our leadership in the systems integration lies in our integration skills, gathering together products of our more than 120 global business partners with an outstanding R&D expertise. One of our strongest business partnerships is the one we have with Cisco, the world leader in network technologies. We are very proud to have been crowned with these two awards, which we see as a token of the success this partnership achieved as we play a key role in the digital transformation of our country and its region with innovative solutions.”

Tarih: 03/10/2018 10:41

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