TürkPatent announces 2017 report Netaş R&D continues to make a difference in telecommunication

Netaş continues to make a difference in the industry with R&D and innovation. According to 2017 report of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (Türkpatent), Netaş ranked 3rd among the telecommunication companies in terms of total patent applications. The company also ranked third among communication companies in terms of patent applications filed until today.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay stated that Netaş is the largest R&D investor in the Turkish ICT industry: “We increase the added value we offer by R&D and innovation not only in Turkey but also in the region as a technology hub. As a result, we have provided savings to our country, exceeding $3.5 billion. The most critical elements for Turkey, in order to produce its own technology with its own resources are education and R&D. We founded Turkey’s first private telecom R&D centre in 1973. We contribute to the Turkey’s information technology ecosystem not only by the technology solutions we produce, but also by training information technology professionals as a school. This is because we see all achievements on the subject as a ‘national issue’”, he added.

According to the report of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Turkcell ranked first, while Ericsson ranked second and Netaş ranked third. In the telecommunication industry, 349 international companies and 709 domestic companies filed patent applications in 2016.

The distribution of the patent applications over the years showed a growth of 15% in 2016, according to the research of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Four out of top five companies with the highest patent applications in the list are domestic companies.


Tarih: 12/04/2018 15:48

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