TurkNet’s VoIP Sytem Secured by NOVA V-Gate

TurkNet’s VoIP Sytem Secured by NOVA V-Gate


It has been a year since one of Turkey leading next generation communication services providers, TurkNet has been using NOVA V-Gate in order to provide a more reliable and effective telephone service to its customer.


Commenting on the benefit they enjoy by using NOVA V-Gate, TurkNet’s Voice Network Planning and Operation Unit Executive Faruk Carav said, “We are able to offer a more reliable telephone service to our customer with NOVA V-Gate. It automatically detects suspicious fraud calls in real-time, on the telephony services we provide on the voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure.”


Nova V-GATE is a modular and high-performance VoIP application level firewall for corporations that provide and use new generation IP based communication services. It is designed against attacks that lead to great damage, including damages that cause deactivation, as well as revenue and reputation loss.


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Tarih: 23/07/2018 09:07

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