Top 250 R&D Companies of Turkey: Netas is one of Turkey’s most R&D spending companies

A centre of learning the next generation technologies in Turkey, Netaş ranked among top 10 companies in two different categories in annual ‘Top 250 R&D Companies of Turkey’ survey of Turkishtime magazine. The company remained the leader of the Information Technologies category.

According to the rate of R&D spending compared to its revenue, Netaş ranked among top 10 companies with 13.6 percent, while its software developing subsidiary Kron is among top 5 companies, as the company spent one fourth of its revenues to R&D operations.

Founded Turkey’s first private telecommunications R&D centre back in 1973, Netaş will celebrate the 45thanniversary of its R&D centre in 2019. Home to over 850 researchers, Netaş is one of the top 10 R&D personnel employers of Turkey, according to the survey.

Netas R&D centre is conducting researches in the fields of broadband communication technologies, GSM-R, cyber security, virtualization, cloud computing, defence telecommunications technologies, optic Ethernet, voice over IP (VoIP), multimedia, Big Data analytics and internet of things (IoT).

Tarih: 20/12/2018 13:11

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