Sonatrach chooses Netas as its Digital Transformation Partner

Africa’s largest oil company, Algeria’s Sonatrach chose Turkey’s leader systems integrator NETAS to lay its data infrastructure in its digital transformation journey. With a 44.2 million dollar project, NETAS will implement the next generation data centre project for Sonatrach, deploying six data centres in five different locations in Algeria, for over 33,000 end-users, following a proven, well-structured and mature data centre implementation approach, enriched with the expertise from similar previous large-scale implementations in Turkey. With its 120,000 employees, Sonatrach accounts for 30 percent of Algeria’s annual GDP and has more than 3,900 km of crude oil pipeline.

The project will enable Sonatrach to achieve a unified system, which is capable of optimizing organizational flexibility, simplifying infrastructure, and reducing costs.

The solution includes the design and implementation of the data centre network, the security platform, the back office, while delivering an efficient storage solution and workplace environment. The overall project brings together the technology from the world’s top suppliers in their domains, and these are all integrated skilfully by NETAS as a complete solution.

Since the digital transformation is a process that never ends, the end-to-end solution provided by NETAS incorporates the training of the teams, transferring the know-how to manage and maintain the new data infrastructure.

During the system’s lifetime, NETAS teams will continue to provide its technical support expertise both routinely and whenever needed.

NETAS CEO C. Mujdat Altay commented; “We are providing end-to-end solutions, systems integration projects and technology services to companies from every industry in our domestic market, as well as in international markets. As one of the pioneers of the Turkish telecommunications industry, we are transferring our know-how of more than 50 years into large-scale projects in the international markets. The project we will deliver to Sonatrach will be exemplary, both as a technology solution and in terms of advanced services.

We will realize the third phase of Sonatrach’s data center project, whch was started in 2005 and will provide this industry giant with an outstanding information security system and a significant increase in efficiency. In the coming period, we will focus on further growth in our key markets and ramp up our activities in some new markets.


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