The FATIH Project undertaken by the Turkish Ministry of National Education to provide equal opportunity in education and training


The FATIH Project undertaken by the Turkish Ministry of National Education to provide equal opportunity in education and training and to improve technology at schools uses NETAŞ Network Solutions.



Concerning the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in our education system, the main goal of the Information Society Strategy developed by the State Planning Organization for the 2006–2010 plan period was to view ICT as basic educational tools, and have students and teachers use them effectively. In this context, the Ministry of National Education has requested the following:


  • Install information and communication infrastructure at formal and non-formal education institutions,
  • Train students to develop ICT competencies,
  • Develop ICT-aided education programs.



Twelve firms participated in the tender and some were eliminated on the grounds that their tender documents were incomplete and insufficient.

Since this was an open tender to competitive bargaining, the participants were asked to submit their second bids, and then their third and final bids. After this final round the tender process ended. Since it was determined that Probil (Netaş) submitted the most economically advantageous bid among the participants, the Ministry and Probil mutually signed the project agreement on March 3, 2015.



Observe the deadlines with punctual delivery and expert screening of products (hardware/software). Minimize the risks anticipated from field operations. Ensure careful and meticulous estimation work at the schools. Ensure optimal use of material during installations; provide training to staff to minimize waste/loss. Plan for proper product delivery for full compliance with the project plan. Provide back-to-back terms to pass on cost advantages. Provide prudent management to avoid any late delivery penalties; and observe deadlines through timely delivery.



Under the FATIH Project, Netaş is providing the following services to the Ministry of National Education at 9,052 schools in 46 provinces:


  • Install local area network,
  • Provide electronic access to educational material and documents and meet the social information needs of teachers and students at schools,
  • Provide statistical information for headquarters' use on utilization of electronically shared items at schools.



The project is planned to be completed in five years. The goal in the first year is to meet the high/middle school needs, complete the installations, and carry out provisional/final acceptance inspections and reviews. The following shall also be completed in the first year: ICT hardware and software infrastructure, e-content needs, updates of guidebooks and on-the-job training for teachers, and solutions aimed at informed, secure, and controllable ICT and Internet use. Maintenance and support services and updates shall be provided during the rest of the period.



Edge-Core and Huawei are our solution partners in switches and wireless access devices.



Tarih: 13/08/2017 11:27

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