Netaş to introduce its defense solutions in IDEF’17

Turkey’s leading digital transformation company NETAŞ will share its innovative solutions for defense industry by participating in the International Defense Industry Fair to be held at Tuyap Fair and Congress Center between May 9th and 12th.

The architect of Turkey's digital future Netaş is participating in the International Defense Industry Fair, 13th of which will be held at Tuyap Fair and Congress Center between May 9th and 12th. In the fair expecting a large participation from the defense industry, Netaş will introduce its brand-new solutions.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay said the following in its statement about the fair by adding that IDEF that is the most important fair in the region is the most important one for countries also including Turkey and defense industry companies:

“Celebrating its 50th year, We, Netaş, with the strength derived from R&D and innovation, take pride in transferring our knowledge and innovations in communication technologies to the defense industry with success. We will share these products with participants at IDEF that is one of the major defense fairs across the world, and our products and services we will present at the fair for defense industry primarily include mobile broadband solutions and strategic and tactical communication systems, as well as various general purpose or application-specific military electronic and avionics system solutions. We cooperate with other defense industry companies in the country depending on the project that designs, produces and develops defense industry products resistant to environmental conditions and matching in structure the requirements of secure communication.

We take active role with products we design in the domestic supply of many land, naval and air communications platforms that were supplied by imports before. We get very serious achievements in electronic, software and system design with defense projects. Various audio/data switching systems, user terminals, communication control systems, avionics and navigation systems, fiber optic communication systems we design and produce in our R&D center are used on various defense communications platforms. Also, we are very proud of being a member of the consortium in ULAK project that will provide great benefits in Turkey's development in every field. ULAK that will create our national brand shall both create a brand-new market in Turkey and allow global technology brands to be introduced from our country.”


Innovative communication solutions for defense industry

Coming to the forefront with its knowledge and R&D and innovation aspect in communication technologies, Netaş has been following the communication technologies since its inception for 50 years and the products developed by Netaş that also designs and produces solutions for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in its R&D unit of 700 employees are used by the TAF. Thereunder, among the major products developed and delivered by Netaş to the Turkish Armed Forces are Tactical Field Communications System TASMUS switching and power systems and MOLTU, an optical line termination device suitable for use in the tactical field.

Netaş is working on APCO25 Switching System (JESMUS) responding the radio communication needs where fast and secure communication becomes important such as national security and emergency services, Digital Field Station and Integrated Access Station that provide secure and cost-effective communication in the field environment, Communications Switching Systems and user stations that allow secure communication in compliance with the programmable authorization plans for internal and external communication on the ships.




Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:00

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