Netaş steps in to inspire Turkey’s engineers of next-generation


New generations should be capable to develop technology, passing beyond being simple users. With such vision, Netaş features entertaining sessions for the children of its employees, as well as in schools, in order to help kids gain a basic understanding of science and technology. In only four months, Netaş provided over 1,700 hours of training with the support of 61 volunteers from its R&D centre, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.


Having established Turkey's first private telecom R&D centre 45 years ago in order to support the technological expertise of its homeland, Netaş today is working to inspire engineers of the coming generation. Netaş, as the architect of digital transformation, is home to more than 800 R&D engineers and aims to encourage children to choose engineering as their future professional career. First with its employees’ children, and now at various schools in Istanbul, 61 engineers from the Umutluyuz [We have hope] Voluntary Platform of Netaş, coach children within the framework of “Next Coders” project, by providing basic coding training and help them to better understand what it is to be an engineer.


 “We aim to pass our engineering tradition to the coming generations with the coding training we have initiated with our 'Umutluyuz’ platform,” says Buket Okumuş, Netaş Executive Committee Member in charge of Brand and Corporate Communications. “We have already completed the first phase of the 12-week “Next Coders” program, which focuses on our employees’ children. Our volunteer engineers have also trained 221 students from various schools. We have provided more than 1,700 hours of training only in four months by the efforts of this platform and we will continue training projects in the coming period.”


Having put the primary objectives of the coding training as providing children with certain skills including questioning, analytical thinking, an eye for perceiving different perspectives and problem-solving, Ms. Okumuş further explains, “Our long-term objective, on the other hand, is that our children achieve world-class success with these skills, inspire other children and prove that they can make their dreams come true using technology."


The future will be built by the next architect of digital transformation


We believe that becoming a country capable of developing its own technology is vital for a sustainable development and being globally competitive,” Okumuş adds. “For this reason, we are working to introduce our children to the ‘engineering’ as an approach and discipline at their early age. We hope our engineers inspire them, being their role models, so that they can discover and realize their potential. “What you will be when you grow up?” is a question we all heard when we were kids. Now we want to hear an answer like “I want to be an engineer” more.






Tarih: 31/05/2019 15:45

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