Netaş introduces its digital transformation and smart city solutions at World Cities Expo

Introducing its smart solutions at World Cities Istanbul, Netaş also assumed the role of moderator for the panel at which the world's leading technology leaders discussed smart city solutions.

World Cities Expo Istanbul is organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and hosts the business world about Smart Cities with participants from various countries. One of Turkey’s leading digital transformation companies, Netaş introduced its digital transformation solutions under the name of IoT Platform, Smart Energy and Smart Solutions within the scope of Smart Solutions. The first session of the fair was moderated by Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay.

Having signed a cooperation protocol with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and its affiliate İSBAK short time ago for the development of solutions for the ‘İstanbul, Smart City’ project, Netaş talked about its solutions in this field at World Cities Expo İstanbul. In addition to developing joined projects for smart city solutions pursuant to the protocol signed with İSBAK, Netaş will undertake the installation and operation of the Network Management and Operations Centers for networks that will form the backbone of these projects.

At World Cities Expo İstanbul, Netaş introduced Netaş Energy Automation Systems (NEOS) developed specific to the energy sector that enables automatic and remote reading and managing of the electricity meter data and OSOS (Automatic Meter Reading System) under the scope of smart network solutions. Smart city lighting management system, a Netaş NEOS solution, enables the management and control of city lightings from a single point. With this system, while managing the entire city’s lighting components, information such as humidity, temperature, air quality, noise level, and light level can be gathered with integrated sensors from thousands of locations in the city.

Technology leaders talked about the future of the smart city technologies under the moderatorship of Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay.

The first session of the fair took place under the heading “Technology and Innovation.” In the session managed by C. Müjdat Altay, Hitachi Data Systems CTO Hubert Yoshida, US Ignite National Technology Leader Scott Turnbull, Cisco Turkey General Manager Cenk Kıvılcım, Aselsan Uges Academy Member Dr. Ünal Koyaz and the President of Ericsson Turkey Ziya Erdem shared their views about smart city technologies.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay said in its inaugural speech for the session, “with the motto ‘Smart City İstanbul’, all companies and institutions are carrying Istanbul and Turkey to a smart future also including Netaş that contributes to the process of determining the smart city road map and strategy for Istanbul with a systematic and realistic project”.

Altay also added, “World Cities Expo Istanbul hosted by IBB is a helpful event serving Istanbul's journey to become a smart city. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and other public institutions use all means of technology to equip Istanbul with higher living standards and maintain it in a sustainable structure.



Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:04

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