Netaş increases its Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Depreciation from 73 million TL to 91 million TL in 2016

Achieving 9.4% in EBITDA margin by an increase of over 200 basis points, Netaş increases the orders from international markets by 220%.

Netaş has released its year-end financial results for 2016. Reporting its Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Depreciation (EBITDA) as 91 million TL, Netaş has also reported that it has raised its margin to 9.4%.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay, “I would like to say with pride that we have achieved our 2016 goals Despite the challenging market conditions, we have increased our EBITDA from 73 million to 91 million TL. We have raised our EBITDA margin to 9.4% with a 200 basis-point increase. The primary factor that makes this positive result possible is our R&D ability and knowledge. With works in 2016 in our R&D center with over 700 engineers, we have accomplished a major 4.5G project while producing national technology solutions in critically important areas for our country such as cyber security. On the other hand, we maintain our leading position in the field with our software exports to the most major operators of the world. We are happy with 118 patent applications we made and active roles we undertook in the European R&D institutions in 2016.”

Altay also added, “On the other hand, the restructuring of our service organization in line with today's conditions and customer needs has increased our productivity and dynamism and reflected positively on our result. Within this scope, we have increased the weight of “Manageable Services” and “Value-Added Service Solutions” in our service portfolio. Another success in 2016 is the 220% increase in the orders we received as a result of our efforts in the international market. This is an indicator of Netaş’s regional expansion that continues by gaining speed.

In 2016, we continued to offer end-to-end value-added solutions to our customers in different sectors to meet the demand for technology products and services including technology consulting, business applications and after sales support.

We take pride in completing the year 2016 with success thanks to the right strategies and accurate foresights. We believe that Netaş has the position and power to have a successful 2017, too,”



NETAŞ offers innovate and end-to-end system integration and technology services in communications and information technology industry. With its 50 years of successful past and experienced R&D team, NETAŞ operates in Turkey, North Africa, CIS and Asia Pacific markets with services ranging from technology consulting to after-sales services. The company offers new-generation communication solutions for telecom operators, public and private organizations and defense industry such as mobile broadband, cyber security, cloud solutions, managed services, defense communication technologies, GSM-R, ICT integration services and custom software development. For more information about NETAŞ with its shares traded in Borsa İstanbul (NETAS);




Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:01

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