“Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” has its first graduates

“Computer Engineering Master's and Doctorate Program with Thesis of Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” carried out jointly by the architect of Turkey's digital future Netaş and Bahcesehir University (BAU) had its first graduates. Leaving 50 years behind in the industry, Netaş aims to increase Turkey's qualified human resource with the program that constitutes a sustainable example of university-industry collaboration.

 “Computer Engineering Graduate and Physical Doctorate Program with Thesis of Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” launched in 2014 by the collaboration of the architect of Turkey's digital future Netaş and Bahcesehir University (BAU) had its first graduates. Netaş R&D engineers that aim to work in the fields of multimedia technologies and security benefit from the program prepared by the BAU academics and Netaş engineers. 46 Netaş employees in total including 39 employees for master’s study and 7 for doctorate study enrolled in the program,


Education brought to the office

Netaş that had the first graduates of the “Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” in its 50th anniversary in the industry collaborates with several universities. With “Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” being one of these collaborations, a master’s and doctorate program every stage of which is shaped jointly by the university and the industry, from the class content to the thesis subjects, are being implemented. Thanks to this practice, education is brought to the researcher's office, the educational levels of researcher employees are increased, and financial support is provided to the researcher's education.


A sustainable example of university-industry collaboration

“Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” that constitutes a sustainable example of university-industry collaboration by opening the industry's knowledge and experience to universities is a communication network where the university acquires practical knowledge from the industry and the industry learns current technologies from the university. With the program, it is aimed to increase the university-industry collaborations and set an example to other R&D centers by creating a model. Also, both the number of Netaş master's and doctorate student and graduate employees and Netaş's ability to produce technological value-added product that can be sold across the world are increased. The practice also contributes to the improvement of Turkey's qualified human resource.


Among the best practices

“Netaş-BAU Techno Academy” program has taken its place among the best practices to be presented in the “Public-University-Industry Best Practices” category within the scope of the “Summit for R&D Centers Best Practice Examples” to be organized by the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Kahramanmaras between April 13 and 14, 2017.


An opportunity of experience for 150 interns on average every year

Netaş has also launched the long-term internship program COOP in June 2014. With Netaş “COOP Long-Term Internship Program” implemented in 3 semesters every year, students are allowed to gain experience before starting their work life. 50 interns on average from 15 universities collaborating under the program are allowed to gain experience. By going beyond the standard practices in the program, students are given the opportunity to work in different departments at Netaş R&D center and gain experience in many different projects also including research projects throughout the internship period. Students that were full-time interns and completed their internship with success are offered a part-time job while continuing their education, which allows them to continue their education and development process within the company and gain professional R&D experience. This practice also supports Netaş initiatives in the meaning of collaboration with universities and social responsibility.


A framework agreement with 15 universities

Netaş has signed a framework agreement with 15 universities so far to institutionalize the university-industry collaboration. Also, Netaş that is benefiting from the knowledge and research of the academics in its continuing projects has received 22 consulting services and implemented eight San-Tez projects with six universities so far. On the other hand, Netaş researchers enter classes to transfer their industry experience to students in line with the requests received from universities. Being a member in the advisory boards of Bogazici, Sabanci and Istanbul Commerce Universities, Netas supports activities held at universities such as workshops, seminars and career days.


About Netaş

Netaş offers innovate and end-to-end system integration and technology services in communications and information technology industry. With its 50 years of successful past and experienced R&D team, Netaş operates in Turkey, North Africa, CIS and Asia Pacific markets with services ranging from technology consulting to after-sales services. The company offers new-generation communication solutions for telecom operators, public and private organizations and defense industry such as mobile broadband, cyber security, cloud solutions, managed services, defense communication technologies, GSM-R, ICT integration services and custom software development. For more information about Netas with its shares traded in Borsa İstanbul (NETAS);




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