Netaş at Celtic-Next board for a third time

Netaş, the architect of Turkey's digital transformation has been assigned an important role at Telecommunication and IT unit Celtic-Next operating under the umbrella of the European Union EUREKA. Netaş Innovation and R & D Strategies Director Rıza Durucasugil has been elected as the Vice Chairman at Celtic-Next for the third time. With this development, Netaş will have more say at Celtic-Next which supports R&D projects and operates in the end-to-end telecommunications solutions research.

Pioneering the establishment and transformation of telecom infrastructure in Turkey, Netaş continues to play an important role within the European Union's information and communication technologies research and development process thanks to its 45 years of know-how in R&D. Accordingly, the director of Netaş Innovation and R&D Strategies, Rıza Durucasugil has been elected as the Vice Chairman of the Board for the third time in EUREKA's Telecommunication and Information Unit Celtic-Next.

Celtic Next, with over 500 members from the public and private sectors, provides support to multinational, innovative, competitive R&D projects that can be commercialized in the fields of Telecommunication and IT.

Tarih: 13/12/2018 21:52

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