Netaş and ZTE to co-establish a GSM-R Center of Excellence

At its 50th Anniversary Summit in Ankara on November 29, 2017, Turkey’s leader systems integrator Netaş signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its major shareholder ZTE, one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions, in order to establish a GSM-R Centre of Excellence at Netaş in 2018.

The GSM-R technology is an international wireless broadband communications standard for railway communication and applications. It is designed to improve the network interoperability, reduce operational costs, improve the safety at higher speeds and deliver new services. With a powerful standard support, GSM-R has mature supplier chains and has been widely commercially deployed since 1998.

According to the MoU, Netaş and ZTE will cooperate on the GSM-R R&D activities and integrate their GSM-R solutions in the EMEA region and Central Asia. The products and solutions involved in the MoU include railways signaling solutions, communications networks and data products, transmission networks and grid meters.

Undertaking a total of seven different railway communication projects, Netaş has worked for the GSM-R implementation of Turkey’s high-speed railway lines including Gebze-Köseköy, Polatli-Konya and Menemen-Bandirma, as well as their wired communication infrastructure. On the other hand, ZTE has been involved in the railway industry to provide railway solutions for more than 20 railways in nearly 40 cities in China and other countries around the world, including Russia and Nigeria.

Tarih: 01/02/2018 14:32

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