Netaş 50th Year Inter-University Innovation Competition ends

“Netaş 50th Year Inter-University Innovation Competition” organized for university students by Netaş, the architect of Turkey's digital transformation, to support Turkey's innovation culture has ended. Kadir Onur Akbal from Ozyegin University who was selected for the grand price with its project and Burak Gunduz from Gebze Technical University who received an honorable mention were awarded to participate in a technical trip and internship program on Wesley Clover, Canada.

Turkey's leading digital transformation company NETAŞ continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary with various events this year. Thereunder, Netaş organized “Netaş 50th Year Inter-University Innovation Competition” to support Turkey's innovation culture. The winner of the final presentations that took place in Netaş Kurtköy Headquarters on May 10th was Kadir Onur Akbal from Ozyegin University who developed his project under the mentorship of Harun Caliskan. Burak Gunduz from Gebze Technical University who presented his project under the mentorship of Hakan Aydemir received an honorable mention. Kadir Onur Akbal and Burak Gündüz will have the opportunity to review different technologies while having the chance to promote their award-winning projects in Wesley Clover Canada.

The projects that made it to the finals in the competition participated by eight universities were mentored by Netaş R&D directors. The projects that contain technologies that are different from each other in the categories of potential product development and improvement of an existing project were heard by an expert jury. Among the jury members of the competition were Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay, The President of the Board of Directors of TTGV and The Member of the Board of Directors of Vestel Cengiz Ultav, Investor İzi Kohen, Stratagem Partner Barhan Özce and Cumhuriyet Newspaper's Editor Orhan Bursalı and Senior Director for Netaş Defense Industry Products and Solutions Ömer Aydın.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay stated the following about the matter: We have deepened in information and communication technologies in 50 years and is thus leading Turkey's digital transformation and modernization. What lies under our strength is our understanding of innovation. We believe that one of the most important elements for Turkey to produce its own technology and do it in an original way is R&D and innovation. Therefore, we work with all our strength to strengthen our innovation culture and offer opportunities for our young people.

With this competition, we wanted to encourage our young people a little more that set their heart on innovation and work very hard and make them feel in the most useful way that we support them. The interesting projects we have seen in the competition have highly excited us. We celebrate and wish all the success to Kadir Onur Akbal selected for the grand prize and Burak Gunduz who has received an honorable mention after a challenging elimination stage.”




Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:00

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