Leaders of today and tomorrow meet at ‘CEO for a Day’

At ‘CEO for a Day – Turkey’ program’s opening, held on October 4, 2017 in Zorlu Performance Arts Center, İstanbul, five university students representing future business leaders came together with 15 CEOs from Turkey’s leading public and private corporations, including Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay. The opening ceremony featured a panel moderated by Israeli conductor Itay Talgam.

The program provides promising students with the opportunity to spend a day shadowing a successful CEO, in order to have an understanding of a business leader’s perspective and responsibilities. On the other hand, CEOs of leading corporations can better see the expectations of a younger generation and hence the hints of changing trends.

“The world has entered into a brand new era with Internet, what we call the Digital Age. In this new world, we have new platforms changing everything at an unprecedented pace. This has created a gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. The new generation –today’s youngsters- are citizen of digital worlds with brand new talents. Whereas most of the managers, leaders are immigrants,” Mr. Altay remarked.

“Netaş is a good example. Our more than 700 R&D engineers are young professionals, members of the digital world, while our management level is made up of more immigrants than natives. Our R&D department is at the core of our success, allowing us to create IP from our unique design next generation products, to become Turkey’s #1 software exporter for several years. We have reached to this level as we have embraced our digital native workforce, creating an open platform for them to excel their talents,” Netaş CEO added.

CEO for a Day – Turkey will continue in April 2018 with a concert from Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Robert Kapilow.

Tarih: 05/10/2017 14:36

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