Latest smart city solution from Netas R&D: NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform

Within the scope of its solutions crafted to improve the quality of the city life, Turkey’s leading technological solutions provider Netaş has launched its NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform, the latest smart city solution developed in Netaş R&D, which increases efficiency in the energy saving and the daily operation. The platform provides up 75 percent savings on the electricity.

With the integration of sensors including light and movement, NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform offers full control on the city lighting, by automatically scheduling the on/off status or brightness according to astronomical clock, movement of people and vehicles, or the brightness of the sky. This level of controllability reduces the electricity consumption, while prolonging the service life of the luminaires.

Automatically detecting the malfunctions, NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform guides the operations teams, while providing the real-time status of the luminaries on the map. In addition, since the remaining product life can be checked on the system, required luminaries are serviced before they go dark.

Bulent Kemal Mutlu

Presenting NEOS Smart City Lighting Management Platform, the company’s Information and Communication Technologies Director Bulent Kemal Mutlu said, “The cities host more than half of the global population, yet they are responsible for the 75% of energy consumption. The technology we already have enables us to use these resources more efficiently. With the platform we developed in our R&D, we are providing both energy saving and increased operational efficiency. The scope of users of the platform includes municipalities, campuses like universities or techno cities, industrial zones and residential settlements.”

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