Full support by Netaş to young entrepreneurs in its 50th year: Netaş to award the best start-up software and hardware in its 50. year

Within the framework of the celebrations for its 50th anniversary of inception, Netaş will present ‘NETAŞ 50th Year Special Prize” to the best software and hardware products developed by a start-up to support young entrepreneurs within the scope of TESID Innovation Creativity Awards.

Being the architect of Turkey’s digital future, Netaş continues to celebrate its 50. Anniversary with activities inspiring creative youth. Within the scope of TESID (Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association) Innovation and Creativity Awards, 16th of which will be held this year, Netaş will present “NETAŞ 50th Year Special Prize” to software and hardware products developed by a start-up to support young entrepreneurs.

Young people who wish to participate in the competition must fill the Netaş 50th Year Application Form provided on TESID website and send it to no later than August 15, 2017.

Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay has emphasized that supporting start-ups in Turkey contributes greatly to the innovation culture in Turkey, and stated that they continue to invest in entrepreneurs and companies and support technology projects with a high added value with Netaş Wesley Clover Technology Fund. “Today, large corporations serve as a platform We, too, have created a platform with the ‘Netas as a platform’ structure that offers the young players in the industry the opportunity to develop technology and open up to the market by sharing knowledge and experiences. In line with this, we are happy to be supporting the accomplishments of young entrepreneurs by crowning software and hardware products developed by start-ups with NETAŞ 50th Year Special Prize within the scope of Innovation and Creativity Awards of TESID that supports successful projects in the field of electronics and information in Turkey. We will always be the supporter of creations serving the innovation culture as a basis for our 50 years of successfully past.



Tarih: 26/02/2019 14:04

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