Expert support essential for protection against cyber threats


The concept of information security that emerged years ago as a protection method using software and hardware products produced independently from each other against malicious people has now turned into a defense strategy in which every package received by the system is investigated in detail. However, it is inevitable for organizations to both have new generation security technologies and use and ensure the maintenance of this technology appropriately.

Turkey's number one system integrator Netaş also offers advanced Cyber Security Solutions as well as the most appropriate products for its customers and the best service quality complementing these products. By adding value-added services to its business partners’ products, it develops custom solutions for its customers. It offers the most appropriate security solutions by combining niche products and conventional products. It does not only offer security products to its customers, but also provides full support from testing systems to installation, maintenance and security services managed 7/24 with sales, pre-sales, after sales expert teams.


Expert name in cyber security

Netaş provides 7/24 service in Cyber Security with its team that monitors security-related movements in its customers’ network, alerts them about instant developments and can intervene if requested. In addition, it also detects possible threats using data derived from the network in the past and offers advanced level Cyber Security consulting service by making recommendations about these detected vulnerabilities. It stands by its customers’ side at all times for them to use the resources they need for Cyber Security efficiently and fight against these threats.

Netaş’s largest business partner in Cyber Security is Cisco that also has a Gold Partner agreement. Offering information security consulting and state of the art technology security solutions for organizations, Netaş and Cisco provide an important advantage for companies in preventing information security risks with its state of the art technology security solutions that allow monitoring, managing and analyzing the corporate network.


Manage security services

Incident Monitoring and Management, Malware Detection, and Data Protection Services provided by Netaş to its customers within the scope of its security solutions can be provided in line with the analyses performed using the security solutions positioned at the customer location or operation center. Netaş, within its long-standing cooperation with Cisco, offers leading Cisco products in the field of security and provides pre-sales and after sales technical support.


Do not allow malware

Although conventional new-generation security products are successful in the field of application control, they fail against sophisticated attacks. To detect such attacks, it is necessary to both track the activities within the network and take preventive actions about the respective activities when necessary. In this respect, Netaş frequently uses in its projects FirePOWER solutions under which the power of Cisco's Sourcefire IPS/IDS technology that has had a leading position in the market for years and of ASA firewall technology is combined.


Check your network access

It is not possible to manage a corporate network without a solution that discovers devices connected to the network, prevents unauthorized access, creates profiles with requested authorizations and monitors the movements of these profiles. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) enables managing the access rules for end devices connected to the network in the company. It combines AAA and profiling features in a single product. It enables managing guest access. With ISE, it is easy to define, view and prevent authorizations for all users on the corporate networks.


Monitor your network

Actually, intelligence information is needed to detect the unusual behaviors within a corporate network. In order to detect usual suspects, it is helpful to know which ones are unusual behaviors in the network. For this, solutions are needed that will enable analyzing the current situation and the past behaviors. At this point, we have Lancope StealthWatch as a complete solution that helps experts providing security operations services detect the attacks in a short time. StealthWatch that has the capability to collect comprehensive data such as Netflow, IPFIX, Syslog and SNMP detects and provides an analysis of behaviors of different type from advanced attacks (APT) to threats from within the organization, from DDOS activities to malware-related acts.


Tarih: 05/10/2017 11:58

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