Collaboration from İSBAK and NETAŞ for a strong network system in smart cities…

İSBAK and NETAŞ have combined forces for İstanbul’s smart city infrastructure 

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) that guides its efforts toward making Istanbul an international brand name city and its affiliate Istanbul Information and Smart City Technologies Co. (ISBAK) have signed a cooperation protocol with Turkey’s leading digital transformation company NETAŞ at Barcelona Mobile World Congress to develop solutions for “Istanbul, Smart City” project and to establish and operate Network Management and Operations Centers.

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that has made Istanbul a brand name city in the world with projects fitting the cradle of civilizations Istanbul, and the architect of Turkey's digital future NETAŞ to equip smart cities with a powerful network system and perform the network management. The protocol was signed at Barcelona Mobile World Congress by ISBAK General Director Muhammed Alyürük and NETAŞ CEO C. Müjdat Altay.

In addition to developing joined projects for smart city solutions, the protocol signed between İSBAK and NETAŞ includes the establishment and operation of the Network Management and Operations Centers for networks that will form the backbone of these projects. The two organizations that will share technical knowledge about the smart city solutions and the Internet of Things aim to develop quick win projects by combining forces. Within the scope of the cooperation, there is also the establishment of a new network system that will support the existing infrastructure.

Muhammed Alyürük: “We will further disseminate Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's vision project, the Smart city concept across Istanbul.

ISBAK General Director Muhammed Alyürük said that they were contributing to our country’s 2023 vision with innovative projects by bringing technology and competence together for the Smart City Vision launched by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to actualize projects that would carry the cities to the future, “In line with this, we combine forces with experienced and expert organizations to achieve a joint and visionary Smart City Project that will enable Istanbul to achieve its 2024 focus city goals.

While guiding Turkey's future with our efforts so far and domestic technology production, we collaborate with the leading companies of our country in technology. We are happy with combining our competencies in smart city solutions with a company such as NETAŞ that was born in this land and is producing technology with the experience of the Turkish engineers. We will continue our efforts and collaborations with speed to disseminate the smart city concept across Istanbul.”

  1. Müjdat Altay: “We take pride in contributing to IBB's smart city vision”

NETAŞ CEO C. Müjdat Altay stated that they were happy to transfer NETAS's advanced technology experience to the smart city projects with ISBAK, and added the following about the collaboration:

“While contributing to our country’s technological change and the increasing of the number of competent human resource with our international business experience and competencies, we continue actualizing large-scale digital transformation projects. As a long-established company, we have accomplished very important projects such as Smart Stadium, Smart Courtroom and Smart Classroom. This time, to contribute to the vision of smart city of Istanbul, one of the most important metropolitan cities in the world, we will develop joint solutions for the “Istanbul, Smart City” project with ISBAK within the scope of our collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. As NETAŞ, we believe that the problems of metropolitan cities can be solved with high technology infrastructures. The solution for problems caused by increased population in cities is to make our cities smart. As NETAS being the architect of Turkey’s digital future, we are proud that we will contribute to the establishment and operation of Network Management and Operations Centers that is critically important for the application of sustainable smart city technologies in Istanbul.

Expanding its mission by transferring its experience in Smart Transport Systems into Smart City solutions, ISBAK moves with determined steps toward being the Architect of a Smart City in Turkey and in the World as well as determining the vision of Smart City that will carry Istanbul to the future. It moves with an understanding of people-oriented transformation based on technology and innovation to apply the Vision of Smart City on every field such as Environment, Energy, Economy, Mobility, Management and Life. Speeding up their efforts for Istanbul that rose from 29 to 25 in the World Global Cities index in 2016 to be among the top five cities with the actualization of the 2024 goals, IBB and ISBAK AS accomplish works that raise the city's service and quality line with the Integrated Smart City Management.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in information technologies, NETAŞ offers end-to-end value-added solutions to service providers and organizations in the national and international market. It develops and offers for the world’s use domestic and innovative products in areas such as 4/G, Cyber Security, Integrated Communications, Internet of Things and Large Data with its R&D group of over 700 engineers in addition to its system integration and technology services.



Istanbul Information and Smart City Technologies Co. (ISBAK) was founded in 1986 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) with a view to carrying out design and application services with traffic and system engineering.

In its campus situated in Kagithane, ISBAK that guides technological developments in the Smart Transport System with its 30 years of experience and works performed by an expert staff, each member of which is a subject-matter expert, accomplishes several innovations also including Turkey's first domestic signaling system and makes its own technological revolution.

Applying Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's vision of the new period ‘Smart City, Istanbul’, ISBAK has accomplished its organization transformation pursuant to this vision. For more information about ISBAK that renews its mission, vision and values to transfer its experience in Smart Transport Systems into Smart City solutions;


NETAŞ offers innovate and end-to-end system integration and technology services in communications and information technology industry. With its 50 years of successful past and experienced R&D team, NETAŞ operates in Turkey, North Africa, CIS and Asia Pacific markets with services ranging from technology consulting to after-sales services. The company offers new-generation communication solutions for telecom operators, public and private organizations and defense industry such as mobile broadband, cyber security, cloud solutions, managed services, defense communication technologies, GSM-R, ICT integration services and custom software development. For more information about NETAŞ with its shares traded in Borsa İstanbul (NETAS);




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