Supporting Turkey's sustainable development since 1967

With the products and services we developed for more than 50 years, along with the innovation we brought to the industry, the employment we provided, our contribution to the economy and the utmost importance of the environment in our every step, we are working for the sustainable development of our homeland and its region since the very beginning.

Sustainability is a term increasingly trending in recent years. The word "sustain" in English, derives from the word "sustenare" from Latin, meaning "support". By the time, this word took on a new meaning as "prolonging the activity time with the necessary support and assistance", but today its most common meaning is "maintaining". In plain language, the term sustainability can be described as "the ability to be permanent", and in our personal life; it means living alongside nature and making sure our lifestyle does not affect any "citizen of the world" in a negative way. In the corporate aspect, sustainability means adapting economic, environmental and social factors to corporate actions and decision mechanisms to create long-term value in companies and managing the risks that arise in these areas.


A success story of sustainability for Turkey

As Turkey’s architect of digital transformation, we are bearing a significant responsibility in the fields of telecommunications technology and innovation, two driving forces of a sustainable economic and social development of societies. In addition to focusing on preserving natural resources, efficiency, clean environment and clean industry in all our activities, we focus on the sustainability as one of the main pillars of our business strategy.

As a pioneer developer of Turkey’s telecommunication infrastructure, we are supporting our country’s sustainable growth since 1967, with our competence to “transform digitally”, with the technology we develop and our skilled workforce. In particular, we aim to contribute to an economic growth in harmony with the environment, and to the prosperity of the society through our smart solutions, services and technologies.

As a corporation that founded Turkey’s first telecommunication R&D centre and that started Turkey’s technology exports, we are playing a major role in the development of Turkey, through implementing key projects in a wide array of fields ranging from healthcare to legal system, from sports to energy, and from the public to private sectors, thanks to our ability to develop technology locally and our R&D workforce.


Our next-generation technology solution increases energy efficiency

One of the fields that Netaş contributes to the sustainability with locally developed authentic solutions is the smart grid.

The cities that contain more than half of the population of the world are responsible for 75% of energy consumption and 80% of carbon dioxide emission. We developed the NEOS solution family to support efficient use of the resources in the cities.

NEOS photon Smart City Lighting Platform provides energy savings up to 75%, while the NEOS hydro solution prevents frauds and losses across the water supply chain, thanks to the sensors embedded on water meters and increases the savings in water consumption. NEOS OSOS, on the other hand, a cloud-based automatic meter reading system, provides operational efficiency, as it eliminates manual reading of meters and thus reduces operational costs and saves energy. Currently, about 14% of Turkey's annual power distribution is managed through NEOS OSOS and more than 80 thousand meters are read remotely.

The carbon footprint of the companies operating as field services providers increases as their teams are tasked to resolve solutions on site. As we are aware of this situation through our own field services providing company BDH, we have developed a software, Mobi-fi Smart Field Service Management Platform. Mobi-fi reduces fuel consumption and hence the carbon emissions, thanks to its map-based commissioning of service sources in an optimal manner. It reduced the number of vehicles in the traffic.

The recent developments in the telecommunication industry provide an opportunity to increase energy savings by removing time and space constraints. An example of this is the SEGBIS project we developed for Turkey’s Ministry of Justice. In this project, we connected 600 courthouses, 3 thousand courtrooms, and 550 prisons with a secure video conference system, so that defendants are no longer obliged to make long distance travels to appear before a court.

On the other hand, thanks to the powerful cloud solutions we offer, many companies do not have to invest in their own data and server hardware anymore and they can save on the energy costs. On the other hand, our new generation data centre solutions are far more energy efficient compared to older systems.

In a very near future, with the introduction of 5G, the lag time will drop below 5 ms and a almost real-time communication will be available. Autonomous cars, automatic drones and remote operations will be part of our lives. And we, with the experience we gained while developing 4.5G technology in Turkey simultaneously with the rest of the world, are now working at full speed in order to increase our contribution to the development of 5G technology.


We encourage increased women employment in technology

The low employment level of women around the world is not only a disappointment in terms of gender equality, but is a concrete sign of inefficient use potential sources for the economic development. We believe that we should prepare this world for the coming generations altogether, without any segregation.

Currently, engineers make up 70 percent of our employees and the rate of women engineers is at 26 percent, compared to 22 percent of national women engineer average. As these figures shows the gravity of gender inequality in the overall industry, we are decided to provide a contribution for a veritable improvement. As step on this path, we are a signatory of Women’s Empowerment Principles and a participant of ‘HeforShe’ movement started by United Nations Women.



Sustainability on the supply chain

We are practising a detailed sustainability policy in our supply chain management for social and economic sustainability. We are using a continuous supervision and updated blacklists, in order to monitor our suppliers’ compliance to our rules declared as in Netaş Supply Chain Management Ethics and Principles.

We have stated quiet straightforwardly that we are against any kind of discrimination, unequal wage policies, child labour, precarious work, corruption, and actions that are harmful to the environment, and we control our suppliers regarding their conduct in respect to environment, health, security, quality and social aspects of their work flow.

Offering a mandatory ‘Fight against Corruption’ education online every year to all our employees, we are committed to work in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries we operate and our aim is to become an exemplary in the industry with our practices.



We systematically oversee the implementation of our environment policy

As Netaş, we believe that it is our duty to protect the natural resources of this environment in which we are born into, to protect them and to transfer them to the next generations in their most natural state.

That is exactly why the efficient use of renewable resources rather than fossil-based energy resources and adopting a responsible stance towards the nature form the basis of our environmental sustainability approach.

In order to mitigate our possible negative impact on the environment, we have a system where we determine certain quantitative targets every year, and we monitor to which extent these targets are met. We review these data every year, and we hold Environmental Board Meetings quarterly. The results of these reviews and meetings are reported to the senior management.

With this system put into place in 1997, our Environment, Health and Safety Policy came into force.

You can check our Environmental Management System Guide, which supports our Environment, Health and Safety Policy, summarizes the processes and responsibilities and our Environment, Health and Safety Report which shows at what rate the commited targets have been achieved.


Our Company has strengthened the importance it attaches to sustainability with its Environment, Health and Safety Policy. In this framework, we continuously monitor in an auditable manner the use of raw materials and energy more efficiently, we take necessary measures for the protection of ecological balance, oversee the environmental awareness for the protection of human health and the environment.

Accordingly, we are voluntarily working to control our greenhouse gas emissions, to determine risks and opportunities, and for the protection of the ecological environment, and we prepare a CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Report to present it to CDP Turkey Platform.

Our environmental policy makes special reference to the following issues specific to the sector.

These topics are:

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Waste Reduction
  • Resource Protection
  • Reducing Energy Consumption
  • Improving Environmental Awareness

There is an Environmental Board established within our company. This committee consists of environmental experts and meets every three months unless there is an extraordinary situation. The Board is responsible for reviewing the environmental management system, monitoring existing approvals / licenses and permits regarding the processes, and drafting annual legal disclosures, assuming control, consulting and implementation roles. In addition, it monitors the development of environmental goals and targets, reviews the impacts of our production facility on the environment, and analyses the results at agreed periods. These studies are evaluated at the management's review meeting at the end of each year.

The validity of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate, which we initially obtained being in the top 10 throughout the country back in 1997, continues with the annual audits conducted. Finally, in 2018, we successfully completed the ISO14001: 2015 certification audit.

The environmental activities related to our suppliers are planned by the Quality and Customer Satisfaction department. Supplier audits, including environmental issues, are conducted by Quality and Customer Satisfaction and SHE departments. Records are stored in the Quality and Customer Satisfaction department.

Regarding the environmental impacts of our activities, in 2018, we provided training to a total of 463 people, including our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders on the environmental standards and environmental legislation as per ISO14001: 2015.

We conduct internal audits to determine our effectiveness in fulfilling the requirements posed at our Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Policy. Each year, we draft an Environmental Management System Internal Audit Plan in accordance with the Internal Quality and Environmental Management System Audits Procedure and implement this plan.

The external environmental audit of our activities is carried out by TÜV NORD. You can access the most recent report using this link.

Thanks to these efforts, no environmental violations, lawsuits or accidents have occurred in 2018. Our goal is to further reduce our environmental impact.


Biodiversity for sustainability: Netaş Remedy Forest

We adopted our approach in supporting a sustainable and healthy ICT ecosystem, to support the bio-diversity. For this purpose, Netaş planted the first saplings of ‘Netaş Remedy Forest’ back in 2015, on an area of 10-hectares near Gaziköy, a village with about 550 habitants in North-western Turkey.

Planting 23 different species of trees and medicinal aromatic plants, including locust, walnut, chestnut, almond, rosemary, lavender and sage among others, we aim to enhance the ecological diversity and create a source of income for the villagers in the area as well. This project underscores our commitment to support a sustainable economic activity for the community, in harmony with the ecosystem surrounding them.

In addition, in the library we established in Gaziköy with the donation of our employees, we have provided computers with internet access, in order to facilitate the access to information of the habitants, most particularly of children.



Improving the quality of life for disabled citizens

We believe that the technology only serves to improve our life quality, and in line with this point of view, we are conducting a project to support visually impaired citizens by facilitating their participation to the social life and their mobility in the city, with a technology solution. In cooperation with Turkey’s Transport Ministry and Social Policies Ministry, 15,000 voice-controlled devices, which enables users to navigate through the city without asking for help, have been distributed so far.

In addition, we provided support for Haypader School of Special Education for Handicapped Children, which was commissioned in March 2019. Constructed by the foundation called Hayat Paylaşım ve Dayanışma Derneği (Haypader), the school is designed to provide education to handicapped children of the first and second degree, and includes 33 classrooms, a visual arts workshop, a perception/sensation room, a music workshop and a physiotherapy/sports centre. We have supplies the technical and technological infrastructure for the school.



Inspiring a tech-savvy generation

It is no secret that new generations are born into a digital age that even their parents did not experience in their childhood. As a new age necessitates new approaches in education, we donated technology and innovation classrooms for a new pre-school and an elementary school built in a western province of Turkey, İzmir. The classrooms are projected to be a model for a new education model focusing on increasing students’ curiosity and supporting their analytical thinking.

In addition, within our “NextCoders” project, we have provided robotic coding classes for 12 weeks to our employee’s children, to help these kids have an understanding of robotic platforms, and become competitive globally in the STEM field. Three of these children participated in World Robot Olympics’ Turkey leg in May 2019.



“Umutluyuz” Platform  

An initiative of Netaş Volunteers, have started the ‘Umutluyuz’ [We have hope] movement, to provide support to the community, making a difference, adopting the mantra of “With the Netaş spirit, we can be an important part of the transformation of society, as we are for the digital transformation”.

Our colleagues in this movement are taking part in the projects regarding education, environment, healthcare and social awareness, where they can share their knowledge.

They tell what it is like to be an engineer to elementary school kids and give them coding trainings. From December 2018 to April 2019, 61 Netaş volunteers reached to over 220 student in seven schools and provided coding trainings over 1,700 hours.


Netaş Foundation for Education of Orphans

Netaş Foundation for Education of Orphans, which was founded within Netaş more than 30 years ago, provides scholarship support for more than 100 children whose parents passed away while working in Netaş. The foundation is funded completely by Netaş employees.

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