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Under the VIO (Video Communication Media) brand, NETAŞ offers a secure video conference communication platform customized for corporations and the industries. The platform does not require any installation and connects over the web.

Video use is increasing in many corporations in different industries and VIO makes it efficient with its conference features, ease of use and interface solutions. VIO offers a secure and interactive communication by bringing together employees, customers, partners, students and teachers with voice, video and file sharing.

VIO makes your job easier by shortening distances with the scalable, high-quality, web-based video communication environment. Running over the cloud, VIO thus achieves high efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Employees gathering in the same room for meetings has been a thing of the past in business life. VIO allows you to hold meetings and communicate for collective works through the web. Using VIO, you can hold planned or unplanned meetings over the web; instantly reach out-of-office employees or remote customers, work together or hold interactive meetings.



Live Virtual Classroom Experience

Digital world education has become the education model of today and the future. VIO Academy is the choice for a successful investment targeting the educational institutions of the future. Distance learning becomes easy with the voice and video virtual classrooms of VIO Academy and it is suitable for educational purposes from a pedagogical perspective. The screen sharing property of VIO Academy enables working on the same document and share from the same whiteboard.

VIO Akademi Offers

  • Interactive user interface suitable for education purposes from a pedagogical perspective.
  • Smooth operation with local technical support service.
  • Use of common whiteboard with tablet support.
  • Ability to connect with web browsers supporting WebRTC technology, without requiring installation.
  • Integration flexibility with all Course Management System manufacturers, through standard protocol support.
  • Customization with corporate identity, integration with other applications and website of the institution.



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