Operation Support System Solutions

We create information system solutions that corporations need while performing their business and operations. We combine the software, hardware and network elements required for the solution and develop customer-specific central management systems, fully integrated to the components of the own system of the company.


Privileged Access Management

When operating a large enterprise, it is vital to make sure your system is secure and reliable. You need to be in charge of access management to protect your network from unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

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IP Service Orchestration

With the increasing complexity of the multi vendor fragmented ICT network infrastructure , it gets harder for Service Providers to manage and automate their daily network operations.

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Infrastructure Investment Efficiency

Off-the-shelf NMS product with its pluggable enhanced resource inventory, performance, fault management and KPI management modules.

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Service Quality

With the introduction of new technologies and increasing expectations, it is getting harder to increase customer loyalty and reduce CHURN.

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Smart Wi-Fi

Whether you want to reduce congestion in 3G network or need to have capability of providing increasing number of WiFi devices, carrier grade WiFi service is what you need.

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Nat Correlation

You need a logging solution for your business due to legal obligations, CDR analysis or carrier grade NAT but you do not want to spend millions on other logging solutions designed for other purposes?

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