Netas Wesley Clover Technology Fund (NWCTF)

As the leading system integrator of Turkey and an R&D experience proven on a global scale, we have created a platform so that new technologies can be developed, interact and create enterprises to gain value together.

Under our partnership with Wesley Clover, the company of the Canadian investor Sir Terrence H. Matthews, Netaş Wesley Clover Technology Fund aims to invest on early-stage companies and entrepreneurs and support value-added high technology projects. The fund has realized a very important investment model for Turkey and today a platform has been created where nearly 900 engineers have focused on innovation and successful companies have joined forces.

Our fund incorporated its first entrepreneurs in early 2014. Our innovative and entrepreneur young team have spent a month in Canada with Terry and his staff to examine the operating model and develop ideas before starting its preparations. Today the fund includes a total of 7 companies.


One of these companies, Twentify established in 2014, achieved championship at the "Webrazzi Arena 2015 Entrepreneurship Competition" with its application named "Bounty". The application performs field operations with mobile mass resource and competed in the top 10 at the “London TechCrunch Disrupt 2015”.

Pisano, designed a web-based customer interaction platform, where companies can instantly contact customers and vice versa to establish communication when necessary.

Iven, develops inter-machine (IoT) communication solutions in order to increase company efficiency, reduce costs and decrease market release durations of products. Iven entered the North American market in 2016.

Startsub, created a platform serving box subscription services. Vendors in this platform contact with customers with the “Box Membership Service”.

Deriva, collects and analyzes visitor behaviors from various data sources for retail stores and provides information to store management. The information can then be turned into efficiency and actions to increase customer experience.

About 50 engineers are employed in those 7 companies. With NWCTF, Netaş not only aims to provide opportunity to young people to develop new technology, but to create a platform for mentoring, providing opportunity to open to international markets and reaching long-term goals.

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