Innovative Service Management

Mobi-fi, offers unique solutions for corporations and the industry as a powerful service management software developed with next-generation software technologies.

The field and service management aims to offer the best service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In comprehensive jobs or projects, high level monitoring and operation is required for the management of the installation, maintenance, repair processes, internal and external communication, inventories, employees and customers.

Mobi-fi modules allow management of all processes over a single system.

Our solutions include;

Field services management:
Work orders, interactive maps, working on distributed regions, finding optimum route with, checking assigned tasks on a map, tasks around me.

Field installation, operation and project management:
Process based project management. Dynamic surveys, adding and creating material lists including their attributes, inventories and stocks. Moving inventories between all possible options, approval processes.

IT services management: 
Includes ITIL® based service management, change management, SLA management and knowledge base. IT service desk and services can be managed.

Stock and inventory management:
Materials, stock and inventory management, orders, deliveries and request management, debiting, working with multiple serial numbers, inventory monitoring and inventory history.

Monitoring with interactive maps:
Viewing and analyzing data on maps, geographic information systems (GIS), corporational data analysis, geocoding

Workforce optimization:
Time and task sharing, using maps, monitoring activities, recalculation. Instant change management, planning new requests, operational and tactical optimization.


Benefit from advantages of next-generation technologies

Our software engineers combine years of industry experience of Netas with next-generation technologies. Therefore, we understand the problems you encounter in each step of your business and develop the tools you need to overcome these challenges. The customers have the choice to use one of the modules, multiple modules or all of the modules designed in a simplified, mobile-compatible, up-to-date SaaS (Software as a Service) structure.

As opposed to conventional and complex software systems, Mobi-fi allows you to manage your business or customers over the web or from your mobile device through a user-friendly interface. As we facilitate your business using the advantages of latest software technologies, you can focus on managing your business instead of IT systems.

  • Access from anywhere using the new generation SaaS structure
  • Modular services
  • Simplified end-to-end solution


Work on customized pages

The flexible infrastructure allows customization of the pages according to your requests. You can migrate quickly and easily to the new system by integrating your own user database and information.

  • Multiple language options
  • Customization of user roles and pages as per request
  • Integration with major and well known ERP or CRM systems


Effective planning, delivery, installation and operation management

Mobi-fi enables systematical monitoring of all project stages. The software can be adapted to tender documentation and specifications and makes it possible to monitor and manage inventory preparation, data integration, exploration, adding technical drawings, quality processes, assembly tracking, supply processes, provisional acceptance, progress and final acceptance stages.

  • Compliance with tender documentation and specifications
  • Monitoring all project processes over web and mobile environment
  • Tracking with barcode or serial numbers

Instant work order management and optimization

The work orders placed using conventional methods such as paper or e-mail are transferred into next-generation digital environments to eliminate potential errors, undesired delays and accelerate the process. Details on new work are sent immediately or at specified periods during the day to any iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. Your field teams can thus access the information they need to complete the work through a single visit.

With its strategic and operational optimization algorithms, Mobi-fi organizes the work schedules of the field teams and enables you to reach the efficiency you need. It assists in completing the work in the shortest time by making correct assignments to competent persons in critical priority situations such as SLA. The most suitable path to reach the customer is calculated therefore reducing cost, time, labor force and resolving time.

  • Real-time tracking of work orders
  • Solution upon a single visit
  • Increase in service speed and quality through optimization

Equipment, inventory life, warehouse and stock tracking

Mobi-fi can track all inventory and inventory-related processes such as creating supply orders, return processes, defective product tracking, facilities, supply transfer between warehouses and sub-contractors, keeping warehouse and inventory records on a project basis, stock tracking and logs and reporting of performed transactions.

  • Inventory movements between all units (person, supplier, warehouse, customer, company, field)
  • Warehouse definitions, stock management and reporting
  • Debiting

Service management and instant notification

The notification system in Mobi-fi facilitates the management of ITIL based services and offers the flexibility to work in either one company or in distributed regions. You may track fault/status, create a data bank and manage your processes by distributing incoming requests to appropriate units.

  • IT service management
  • Incident, status and change management
  • SLA management

Create solution on the go!

Our end-user and field application designs are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. 


With rich features such as work order tracking, customer relations, nearby works, notification receipt/writing, reading barcode and serial number, routing optimum path and critical business list with priority; mobile applications developed as "native" allows you to offer fast and effective solutions.

  • Prioritized works and customer details
  • Tracking current and nearby works on map
  • Most suitable path with routing

Detailed and end-to-end reports

It is difficult to conduct your businesses and give future supportive decisions without exact performance and time information. Using Mobi-fi, you can create standard or customized reports based on custom report pages. You can track performance values of certain processes on a person, team, product or work basis from a single screen.

  • Easy to track and intelligible data display
  • Real-time value retrieval
  • Customized reports


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