Prepare for the future of things

As your coffee maker prompts the market nearby to deliver a package of Columbian black beans, a belt conveyor in the market warehouse rolls to load it to a drone which is ready to take off for the delivery, as soon as it gets the green signal, meaning that strong wind on its path now calmed down and all is clear.

Smooth and simple, but definitely not so futuristic anymore. This is an ordinary example of what the Internet of Things (IoT) is offering, while innovative business models, new products and services are already blinking on the horizon.

The number of connected devices already surpass the planet's population by a stunning ratio of 1.5 to one and this number is foreseen to reach 26 billion devices by 2020. Home appliances, electronic devices and every single physical device is gaining the ability to sense their surroundings, they are no dummy anymore. They talk to each other and they talk to you. They understand your requirements and your work, based on your needs.

All you have to do is just to do your work and to focus on your passion.

A gap to be filled only by an IoT platform

The purpose of any IoT device is to connect with other IoT devices and applications to relay information using internet transfer protocols. The gap between the device sensors and data networks is filled by an IoT platform. Such a platform connects the data network to the sensor arrangement and provides insights using backend applications to make sense of data flood generated by hundreds of sensors.

The platform is a software only product. It is implemented in micro services architecture which enables next generation engineering and deployment flexibilities. If an IoT application is a chain of interworking components that are running to achieve a common goal, the IoT platform is then to supply the ready-to-use software components for this chain. These are usually cloud hosted components, implementing functions.


An architecture to securely manage multiplicity

The more you have IoT devices and applications connected, the more communications protocols are involved, which should be managed from a single platform. A platform, which enables fast moving data, supporting an increased network traffic.

These are only some performance challenges, while the key challenge is the end-to-end security of the valuable data, which is to remain instantly accessible by its users.

On top of that, your IoT platform architecture should be scalable, ready to manage more devices, applications and protocols than it is designed for at the first place.

ION by Netaş: Horizontal, effective, secure and scalable

ION by Netaş is the IoT Platform that provides all underlying IoT device and data services for massive IoT networks. Ensures end-to-end security and privacy of the valuable data and offers automated elastic scalability for ever changing traffic conditions, as it is designed as a cloud-native micro services based platform.


ION by Netaş is based on a horizontal model to foster rapid growth and innovation in the industry by allowing multiple providers to work with a common framework. It provides an abstraction on top of different types of devices and communication protocols in order to provide centralized management, app creation and innovative value generation.

It can be deployed both on cloud or on premise depending on your demand and it is highly customizable and adaptable, such that it can easily be converged to any given vertical in a short notice. Above all, ION by Netaş provides an easy to use interface for IoT network and service administrators.

Device Interface

Device Interface

  • MQTT and HTTP API / SDKs for any device connectivity
  • Custom device facing Cloud Gateways for 3rd Party integration
  • Integrate with a device within minutes
  • E2E Transport Security

Visualization / Management

  • Multi-Tenant Portal
  • Custom Dashboard Creation
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Data Reporting Tools
  • Create Custom App

IoT Core Services

  • Device Management
  • Rule & Event Management
  • Data Management / Policy & Access
  • Big Data Analytics / BI / Reporting
  • Open APIs


  • Docker Based Architecture
  • On-Premise or Cloud Deployment
  • Auto Elasticity
  • Ready for Orchestration

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