An Event Management Tool to Manage the Complexity

Do you remember the last time you got a ticket with a proper stub, out from a printing house? Probably not. The real reason behind this is not only the efficiency of printing devices, but the complexity of today’s event management.

We live in an age where everything is more customized, personalized, specialized, segmented and fragmented. And event management is no exception.

As the complexity of event management increases, it can become more difficult and time consuming with conventional methods. With our experience in developing the world’s most complicated e-ticketing management system in our homeland covering all the football events in Turkey, we designed Eventizer to meet all your needs for a smooth event management.


What is Eventizer?

Offering an improved CRM approach, Eventizer is an all-in-one easy-to-use event management platform, gathering customer relations management, e-ticketing, corporate sales and loyalty campaign management together.

Cloud-based Eventizer is scalable and upgradable, and is capable of crafting custom tailored sales and loyalty campaigns based on insights. Eventizer offers an omni-channel sales infrastructure.

Eventizer takes care of all the drudgery, so you can focus on your business and the social side of an event. Our platform is designed for event management and ticketing of all kinds of sports, entertainment or any other type of gatherings, capable of running different scenarios covering large-scale organizations including a world cup, any type of a sports league, concerts etc.

With Eventizer, you will increase revenue, improve your customer experience and cost optimization.



Event Management

Meticulous and easy-to-use venue management

  • As Eventizer provides multiple layouts on a single venue, different organisers can launch events with different seating arrangements or name.
  • With reusable venue templates eliminating the need to define similar venues you will save your valuable time.
  • Customize the seat planning visualisation to the smallest detail and select it easily through a drag & drop menu.
  • Map based venue information and flexible venue designer lets your customers to use mobile navigation and receive specialized offers on map


Manage Organisers

Easily manage multiple organisers.

  • Multiple organisers can sell their tickets on a single platform
  • You can save organizers’ financial information, staff and other organiser specific information


Event information

Detail events as much as you like.

  • Offers you a genre or category based data repository to be used as content
  • Detail any event providing further information, whether about an opening act or contenders.


Product Management

Product & Stock

A new level of flexibility in product & stock management

  • You can choose to sell event tickets, combined or partial series tickets simultaneously.
  • You will increase your revenues with cross-selling and upselling features.
  • You can easily set a service fee based on your event rules, as you provide services like transfers, re-sale or reservation.
  • Automatically manage your seat stocks, by defining your set of rules, including time restriction or marking certain stocks as critical.
  • You can promote any sales channel (mobile, web, call centre, kiosk or self-service kiosk) based on your seating configurations.



Price management has never been more customised.

  • Eventizer allows a dynamic price configuration: you can set a threshold or a schedule.
  • Eventizer lets you to take initiative and manage custom pricing.
  • Define priority sales to engage customer loyalty.
  • Segment pricing freely according to the venue structure, zones, blocks and even particular seats.



  • You can configure sales channels and payment methods
  • Just set your rules as your tickets will be up for sale simultaneously on various platforms, including web portal, ePOS or any other 3rd party marketplace.
  • You can customise price and sale options according to a product or customer.
  • Manage reservations and bookings.


Delivery & Entrance

Customise your ticket design and delivery method.

  • You can design your own ticket, get it printed and offer a courier delivery
  • Label option for mobile app or membership card
  • Offer your customers tickets in PDF or QR code form.



Detailed insights will provide you with the information to boost your business.

  • Real-time business analytics on web portal
  • Provides report customisation via data warehouse

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