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Automatic Meter Reading System:

The Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) has been developed for electricity distribution companies and the system reports data received from smart meters using m2m communication according to the requirements of electrical distribution companies. The index value in the reports is indicated directly while the consumption values are shown after calculation on the reports. Additionally, event records received from smart meters are turned into alarms and forwarded to the electricity distribution company personnel. The services provided by the system also include displaying inventory information of smart meters, subscriber management and integration with geographical information system and similar peripheral units.

The smart meter network can be monitored remotely through this system as electrical consumption data can be read without being present in the field. Reports to be submitted to government authorities can be prepared automatically in the desired format. Lost leakage and fault detection have been automated through the AMR software.

NETMETRİKS Automatic Meter Reading System:

Netmetriks is a new generation cloud-based AMR system developed for automatic remote reading and management of electrical meter data, transmission of these data to a central system as well as storage and reporting of data in the required format. The system is flexible and can be improved and expanded according to cost. It provides a fast and reliable solution for customer needs and problems thanks to its internationally proven software and software support expertise. Its modular structure enables only the modules required by the customer to be offered and integrated.

The cloud-based structure of the system eliminates initial investment cost. Also, the structure supports shared resource utilization service that allows servicing to different customers which in turn lowers operational costs.

Communication with DCU is achieved over Netmetriks and this reduces the bandwidth use compared to current text based energy protocols which results in lower prices for the customer.

Big data processing method allows estimation of data that cannot be read or read incorrectly as well as energy loss-leak detection.

Netmetriks supports different brand and model meter types on the market and complies with EMRA criteria.

Luggage Compensation Software:

The Luggage Compensation software enables process management of luggage problems experienced in flights. It collects station units under a modular structure according to luggage-passenger relation, and performs tracking and control for warehouse and inventory operations. It also performs Settlement, reporting and works integrated with the international luggage tracking system.

The management of processes such as research, assessment, indemnification and passenger relations are accelerated and simplified as the software runs on web application. It allows passengers to track their operations and processes as well, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

It can be implemented for different airline companies as well as companies that implement similar research, assessment and indemnification processes.

Disaster and Emergency Management:

The system performs disaster and emergency management based on the geographical information system and consists of three modules: incident command, improvement and spatial information system. Disaster and Emergency Management processes provide IT infrastructure and effective management model to actively manage the processes before the disaster (planning and loss mitigation), during the disaster (intervention) and after the disaster (improvement).


e-Nüfus sistemi, nüfus kayıt sistemi ve adres kayıt sistemi için yazılım geliştirme, entegrasyon, veri sayısallaştırma ve danışmanlık hizmetlerinden oluşmaktadır. Bu kapsamda detaylı analiz, tasarım, test, kurulum, devreye alma, entegrasyon, eğitim, danışmanlık, veri sayısallaştırma, garanti, bakım, destek ve idame hizmetlerini içermektedir.

e- Ticket:

The e-Ticket system has been developed for the Sports and Entertainment industry and includes event management and ticketing modules. Including supporters in the e-Ticket system and event management are performed by the telegram management system that allows entry of supporters to the stadium.

Event management and ticketing systems can work integrated with smart stadiums, thus real-time communication can be made with the closed circuit camera systems, access control systems and ticketing applications.

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