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Turkey has built the world’s largest airport, in order to reinforce its strategic position, becoming a major hub in the global aviation world: Istanbul Airport. Turkey’s new airport stands out with its innovative and powerful information technology infrastructure, ready to incorporate state-of-the-art smart technology solutions. Netaş is one of the technology companies, making this real.

The network infrastructure of Istanbul Airport, designed and deployed by Netaş, allows the new airport management to offer wireless and wired communication services, to all businesses within the airport, including airlines desks and offices, customs offices, police facilities, restaurants, parking areas, duty free shops...

Netas has built Turkey’s largest network coverage and it enables simultaneously 55 thousand people to access seamless, fast and secure internet at the airport and waiting times at passport, customs, and check-in desks will be reduced.

In addition, Netaş installed the airport’s data center cloud automation system. Airport’s systems vital for its efficient operation, including area management, passenger management, car park management, queue management, loyalty management and exchange systems will all run on this infrastructure. The airport management will be able to offer sources to the enterprises within the airport with automatic server provisioning through cloud automation integration. The system includes deployment of two active-active data centers.

Financial Institutions

Financial services have always been a leading vertical for the IT industry. As the prominent actor of the ecosystem with more than 25 years of experience, Netas operates in the industry with its projects in the fields of banking, insurance, investment and similar sectors.

The customers in finance industry recently focus on business intelligence, big data, making infrastructure suitable for digitalization, new payment systems and new generation banking applications especially in terms of growth and improving customer relations. To this end, Netaş offers services in developing customer-specific applications, supporting the development and testing needs of software teams, business intelligence solutions, making infrastructures suitable for digitalization and making customer and internal communication flexible. Additionally, security, network, testing, remote services and managed services are also in the service portfolio of the company.


Telecommunication Service Providers

Netaş has been providing services to Telecommunication companies since its foundation 50 years ago and continues to do so for all the large operators in Turkey and leading operators of the region in the international arena. The company’s telecom operator position allows producing and implementing new technologies. Netaş strengthens its portfolio with new generation technologies in the field of infrastructure solutions, offer own solutions in LTE and continue to provide solutions as partners of operators with OSS and BSS solutions in the field of applications.


Public and Public Security

Technology transfer abilities and capacity for large projects have enabled Netaş to complete critical projects for Turkey and countries in the region including technological transformation projects of the public.

Our projects have broken new grounds in Turkey, Algeria, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh, enabled the public to provide better service to the people, and reinforced our position to become the leading partner of the public. Our discipline, large team and capability to manage the ecosystem enables us to provide services in a wide geography benefiting from various competencies to become a reliable partner of public institutions such as the ministries of transportation, education, health, justice, defense and the prime ministry.

The new generation communication technologies Netaş developed for defense communication, public security and e-government solutions has positioned the company in the same class of global companies. Fast, high-resolution and real-time communication is extremely critical in all three sectors. We are proud to meet the demand for high-speed, seamless and secure communication with domestic technologies designed in our laboratory completely by Turkish engineers.



Due to recent regulations, technology is now vital in performing effectively in the energy industry, thus positioning Netaş as an important partner of the companies. In addition to the industry-specific applications such as automatic meter reading systems and remote management of street lamps, Netaş continues to provide end-to-end services to the leading corporations of Turkey with its data centers, software and infrastructure solutions.


Sports and Entertainment

Netas has been a leader in Turkey and the region in this industry marked with increasing urbanization and growth of organizations throughout the world. Netaş has transformed approximately 40 basketball and football facilities under smart stadium concept and implemented some technologies for the first time in the region such as the Vodafone Park. The company performs end-to-end projects with ticketing system software and services such as data center management in addition to smart stadium.


Retail and Fast Consumption

Netaş provides service to leading brands of Turkey in this industry where it is critical to reach customers through multiple channels and provide technologies rapidly. We continue to add value for our customers in the verticals where we have intensive support services and infrastructure across the country.





Smart Campus & Building Solutions

With its expertise from over 100 construction projects in more than 15 countries, NETAS delivers end-to-end integrated smart building solutions, from the very basics to customized software or system solutions. The scope of our smart building projects include commercial buildings, hospitals, sports venues, airports, educational institutions, factories, malls and residential buildings.

Hospitality & Control Systems

Lighting Automation, Presence Detection & Simulation, Hotel Room Comfort System, HVAC

Server & Storage SystemsClient Workstation, Virtualization, Cloud Computing Solutions, Data Back-up & Recovery Solutions

Information Systems

Kiosk, Digital Signage, SMATV, IPTV, and Video Broadcast Systems

Life Safety & Security Systems

Access Control, IP CCTV, Fire Alarm, Public Address & Exit Notification Systems

Building Management Systems

Mechanic Control, Building Automation, Control – SCADA and Energy Management Systems, Call Centre Solutions, Lighting Automation Systems

Communication Systems

Network – Data Systems Cabling, IT Infrastructure, Contact Centre Solutions, Unified Communications, Wired & Wireless Connectivity, IP Telephony, AV Conferencing Systems


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