Human Resources Policies

Recruitment and Placement

Our employees are our most important asset for success. We select new team members who have the right education, knowledge, experience and competence for the position and their ability to adapt to our young, dynamic and creative team as well as our corporate culture is a crucial factor in our selection process.


IT industry requires extensive training of employees; accordingly, the professional and personal development of our employees is critical for us. We identify the training requirements to minimize problems encountered by the employees while they perform their tasks, support them to increase their professional knowledge and skills and strengthen their competences and plan the training programs accordingly.

Performance Management

We employ a year-long performance assessment system to identify our employees' strengths and improvement areas and accordingly, to guide them on their training and career plans.

Salary and Premium

Our fair and competitive salary and side benefits management strategy ensures that salaries are aligned with the skills, experience, and the success indicators of our employees. We treat salary and side benefit management as a whole in Netaş. We are working to protect the salary infrastructure that will carry Netaş to the future with flexible side benefits management revised each year according to the requests of our employees and our premium systems reviewed each year in accordance with Netaş objectives.

Human Resources Practices

Benefit&Banafit Flexible Side Benefit Program

Our company offers flexible side benefits within the "Benefit & Banafit Program". We are proud to be the leading company in Turkey that allows employees to select their own side benefits packages within specified limits in accordance with their preferences and needs.

RecogNetaş Reward Portal

Everyone working at Netaş can reward each other! We can reward each other for various reasons and in different categories any day of the year, without having to wait for year-end to give and/or receive rewards.

BAU Netas Technoacademy

Netaş employees can receive graduate education with 75% discount in office and our campus becomes our workplace.


Netas employees can make horizontal/vertical transfers to other vacant positions in the company.

Kindergarden Support

We provide kindergarden support to women employees each month after birth until their kids start school. This support also includes employees who have adopted children.

Social Life


Our General Management Office employees have lunch at the dining hall or cafeteria in our building. Monthly food cards are provided to our Sales Office employees.


We have an extensive shuttle network on the Anatolian and European sides. We have a parking lot for our employees who travel with their own vehicles.


Netas ProAktif;

Communication among employees is vital for our successful performance. Reporting to Netaş Internal Communications, Netaş Proaktif organizes internal and external events that supports employee satisfaction and loyalty and increases synergy among departments.

The dynamic team of Netaş ProAktif values all ideas of our colleagues while adopting ethical rules, strengthens our communication, coordinates our social clubs and creates synergy to make our business life at Netaş more dynamic and fun.


We have a company doctor and healthcare professionals in our infirmary.

Social facilities:

Our employees can benefit all day from the gym, swimming pool, basketball court, cafeteria available in our General Management building as well as the "Bonibon Cafes" available on each floor.

Netas Volunteers:

Reporting to Netas ProAktif group, Netas Volunteers consists of Netaş employees who have gathered voluntarily to carry out social responsibility projects. Our volunteers have already implemented a number of projects with many more humanitarian projects to come.

These include books and clothes collected for those in need, LÖSEV report card ceremonies, "Netas Memorial Forest" and projects that benefit the society through partnership with TOÇEV, Kızılay (Red Crescent), Tomurcuk Foundation and other similar institutions.

The Netas Orphans Education Foundation established under Netas 30 years ago provides scholarship to children of employees who were deceased during their employment at Netas. The scholarship continues throughout the educational lives of these children and is fully funded by Netas employees.

Career Opportunities    

COOP Long-Term Internship Program

Netas COOP program has been offering career opportunities in Netaş to university students since 2014 in fall, spring and summer periods. The program includes our visits to the 12 universities we cooperate with, our interview process incorporating a Netas presentation and our distinctive recruitment process. We have recruited so far 34% of the 251 students as part-time or full-time who participated in our Netas COOP program.

COOP program criterias:

  • Students have to be at 3rd or 4th grade in universities
  • They should be studying computer, electrical-electronics, communication engineering or related departments of universities
  • They should be able to come to work at Netaş at least 3 or 4 days per week
  • The insurance of the student has to be covered by the university

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