Integrated Communication Solutions

Netas works together with Cisco and Genband as a baseline technology supplier in Integrated Communication technologies. Also, cooperation is established on project basis with manufacturers such as Nice, Onsoft, Zoom, Ipera, 2ring, B+S, Xmedius, Entera, RightFax, Jabra, Sennheisser, Plantronics, Sestek, Avaya, Nokia, Polycom, Mitel and Defne.

Netaş provides SLA based maintenance and support to customers with its country-wide team. The company also provides systems operations and management of daily operations in accordance with customer demands. Support can be provided via either outsourced employees or remote central management, depending on customer request. In addition to all these, the company creates added-value for its customers such as reporting, IP telephony applications, middleware and customization and agent interface solutions. These are made possible by Netaş brand voice technology software products and value-added add-on software designed and developed by internal R&D teams, software engineers and architects. Integrated Communication technologies draw attention from all industries and they are commonly used by large and medium sized companies especially in the Finance and Banking industry.

Corporate Mobile Devices and Customers

The number of mobile employees is growing; they work independently of place and time and have to be accessible. Many companies are migrating their teams and working processes to mobile in order to ensure employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. Business processes and business relations that are already complex become even more so when mobile working habits are added to the equation. The great value now is to access the person and information anytime and anywhere through the correct channel and device or the ability to continue interaction. To this end, Netaş offers corporate mobile end-user devices from a wide cost and capability range and software-based clients that can operate on such devices.

Our solutions raise the interest of large and medium scale companies in all industries and are already widely used.

Samsung is our main technology supplier for mobile devices. Also, in line with the recently strengthened Cisco – Apple partnership, we also offer iOS based devices to our customers in our solution portfolios. We also offer the best solutions on mobile clients with other manufacturers such as Cisco and Gendband.

The first step is to identify the need correctly through the consultancy service we offer to our customers regarding mobile devices and clients. Shaping the expectations and requirements correctly is of great importance in this market which involves a variety of manufacturers and device options. Our after-sales technical support is available across the country during installation and commissioning stages. Due to the large number of devices and the dispersed operation of users, replacement of faulty devices and the management of the spare device pool have become crucial. We offer this challenging step to our customers successfully under the scope of the after-sales technical support.

Carrier Class Voice and Integrated Marketing Solutions

This includes the technologies and services that allow service providers to offer their customers voice, video communication, instant messaging, IVR, voicemail and similar services. The required architecture here has to be reliable, secure and shall offer long up-time ratio in addition to all reporting and logging details to comply with the rules and regulations.

Our solutions target the service providers market. Flexible architectures can be established to support many subscribers with on-site and geographical redundancy measures to minimize service outage. These architectures can also deploy new services quickly and easily and can be integrated with external systems while complying with the general technology standards and communication protocols.

We use Genband technologies for service provider solutions. The key advantages of Genband’s application server solutions are messaging platforms (Converged Intelligent Messaging (CIM) and Intelligent Messaging Manager (IMM)), SBC solutions (interconnect, Access and enterprise), call management solutions, voice gateway solutions (media, universal access, line access, compact), wireless access gateways (Security Gateway, evolved Packet Data Gateway, S2a Mobility over GTP Gateway), cloud-based services (Kandy, Nuvia, Fring) and WebRTC gateway (SpiDR) solutions. We also have partnerships with various manufacturers and service companies, especially Defne and Servisnet for complementary products.

We are able to offer services to our customers in pre-sale, sale and after-sale roles while they design the voice and multimedia services they offer to their customers, establish relevant infrastructures as well as expanding and equipping these structures. A majority of the product software in our portfolio are developed by Netaş engineers, as Netaş also provides Genband technology (R&D) services under the scope of Strategic Outsourcing and Improved Professional Services. This provides the opportunity for accelerated performance of customised designs and integration activities.

Video Distribution Networks & Digital Dashboard Solutions

  • Digital signage/kiosk solutions used for advertisement, information and orientation purposes
  • The solution basically involves collection and publication of resources such as offline images, live content, studio recording and TV channels on corporate networks

This solution aims at streamlining access of advertisement and information messages to people, creating new fields of communication, operational costs savings on advertisement and information expenditures, ensuring that ideas meet customers rapidly, attracting the attention of the customer at every opportunity and increasing memorability.




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