New Generation Data Center

Data Center – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) & PaaS(Platform as a Service)

It refers to leasing of devices such as servers, storage, routers, switches, firewalls and load-balancers, at the facilities of the Service Providers without the user actually owning the property. Iaas does not have to consist only of the physical device park as these services include virtualization environments as well.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It refers to a platform where users can develop, run and manage their own web-applications while reducing ownership costs to zero. This is because they are leased and not purchased saving the user from the need of dealing with maintenance and upgrade costs as well as from the need of having the relevant know-how for installation and maintenance of the platform. This know-how is provided by the service provider.

NFV (Network Function Virtualization)

It is the operation of traditional network components (such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers) as virtual devices regardless of the server brand as if each were a network function. Device-independent installation means it is not necessary to wait for the release of brand-dependent new hardware versions to increase capability or capacity.

This provides the ability to perform network communication functions from a single control point, such as switching on or off as desired or immediate creation with the prepared package configuration at the desired geographical location. For example, making a short configuration at the headquarters of a service provider in Istanbul allows the desired data-center topology to be configured at once at a remote data-center located anywhere in Turkey or the world.

It allows, through open Application Programing Interface (API), for the automation of service delivery within an orchestration with all brands that support this general technology in its own architecture.

SDN (Software Defined Networking)

It is an approach that allows for different IT groups to act jointly by gathering around software-defined policies in an application-centric manner, regardless of hardware, through the open Application Programming Interface (API).

It is a policy-driven process-flow automation approach that dramatically shortens and facilitates application deployment and delivery times for organizations, reduces error-risk and thus, critically, lowers costs. It allows for completing installation and its operation in a much simpler and quicker manner by allowing different IT groups to use the same language through common policies.

As the Number 1 System Integrator of Turkey, Netaş offers continuous and sustainable installation-maintenance-support services and also shapes new technologies and approaches with its R&D unit in a unique manner according to the changing needs of the industry.

System Solutions

Server Solutions

Server Solutions

We offer options for server solutions at the design, sale, installation and after-sale stages. We offer solutions as the preferred partners of internationally accepted and influential manufacturers in the industry and, of course, in accordance with technological developments.


Blade Servers 

Blade servers are simple servers with a modular design optimized to minimize physical space and energy use. Along with space and energy savings, blade servers offer an agile and flexible IT infrastructure with the advantages they provide such as instant function change, capacity adjustment according to demand and compatibility with virtualization. Environments that can use blade servers are as follows:

  • Data Center Infrastructures
  • Virtualization Infrastructures
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructures
  • Large enterprises IT Needs
  • Web Hosting Infrastructures
  • High Performance Computing Clusters


Rack and Tower Servers

These are systems that are at the center of the computer infrastructure required by an organization, containing all processing power, memory, expansion and external connection options. They are divided into two types: a rack and tower type. They can be used in the following environments:


  • Virtualization Infrastructures (Rack)
  • Distributed Branch Infrastructures (Tower)
  • Database Servers (Rack)
  • Messaging Servers (Rack)
  • Clustering (Rack)
  • Medium-Large Scale Enterprises (Rack and Tower)
  • File and Printer Sharing, Domain Controller, Backup Solutions (Rack and Tower)


The server is right at the center of the IT of an organization, running the applications required by it. Every enterprise requires server power.

Integrated Solutions and SAP HANA Solutions

Integrated Solutions and SAP HANA Solutions


These are systems that offer ready-to-use servers, storage and virtualization infrastructure in a single platform customized for corporations. The most important feature of these systems is reducing, as much as possible, operating costs during installation and use. The design processes of projects can be realized quickly as all the software and hardware compatibilities of these solutions have been tested. The management of integrated systems through a single interface saves time, thus allowing limited IT resources to spend more time on core businesses and system development.


SAP HANA Solutions


SAP HANA Solutions consist of integrated, ready-packages where software and hardware are offered together at different scales. Performing high-speed database analysis, SAP HANA solutions can be a single-node SAP HANA server or consist of servers, storage and network products at a larger scale, depending on the SAP infrastructure of the customer. A wide range of analysis scenarios can be created for corporations in an environment that can perform fast reporting with SAP HANA solutions. SAP HANA solutions utilize In-Memory technology and are therefore able to perform high speed database analyses.


Managing only a single interface saves time, and allows limited IT resources to spend time on core businesses and system development. A customer and solution-specific interface is prepared.

Data Storage and Backup Solutions

Data Storage and Backup Solutions

Design, sales, installation and after-sales support services are provided for data storage and backup hardware solutions in accordance with customer expectations and needs. Any damage to data, due to any reason, can result in significant losses in corporate processes. Failure to restore data after a disaster can cause significant consequences that may even result in the cessation of the corporation’s commercial activities.


Storage Area Virtualization

Managing multiple storage units in a storage area is a difficult and time consuming operation. Storage virtualization is a layer that eliminates such difficulties. In such an environment, it is possible to move data online between storage units, hold copies of data in different storage devices and expand storage area regardless of the brand. Brand and model independency ensures the protection of your existing investment.


Object Storage Systems

Object storage is a new architecture solution employed in data storage and consists of creating, storing and deploying data objects and related meta-data at various sizes rather than placing data blocks simply on tracks and sectors as is traditionally done. Each object has inseparably linked rich meta-data and this provides long-term storage and ensures that data remains secure and accessible on-demand. Ideal for large scale digital content and long-term data storage, object storage keeps installation and management complexity and high-performance storage costs at bay.


Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions Integration

Storage needs tend to grow both continually and exponentially. Netas continues to develop new technologies to easily move storage environments into different data centers, be they either synchronous or asynchronous.

The agility and storage devices provided by virtualization technology facilitate both integration and disaster-recovery scenarios. We also suggest that tape backups are strictly stored in secure safes outside data centers, as physical tape backup is an indispensable part of disaster plans.


Today, technologies affecting Disaster Recovery solutions are as follows:

  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Snapshot technology
  • WAN optimization
  • Faster bandwidths
  • Integration of virtualization software with storage devices


Data Storage and Backup Hardware Solutions portfolio:

  • Upper and Medium Scale Block Storage Units
  • Upper and Medium Scale NAS Storage Units
  • Integrated Storage Units
  • Object Storage Units
  • Data Archiving Systems
  • Storage Area Virtualization Units
  • SAN Network Infrastructure
  • Converged Network Infrastructures
  • Upper and Medium Scale Tape Libraries
  • Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL)
  • Deduplication Units
  • Backup and Replication Software


At a time when the amount of stored data continuously increases and data plays a more critical role in corporate processes, failure to backup data in a recoverable manner poses great risks. We therefore design and deploy backup systems specific to each customer’s needs. We update solutions in accordance with new technological trends and offer them to customers.

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

Design, sales, installation and after-sales support services are offered for virtualization solutions in accordance with customer expectations. We aim to offer the most efficient use and management facilitation of customer hardware infrastructure, with the server, desktop, software and storage area virtualization solutions we offer.


The management facilitation offered by virtualization, reduction of physical hardware infrastructure and lower energy consumption ease the burden posed by IT in all industries. Virtualization solutions are at the core of disaster recovery scenarios and constitute its starting point. Desktop Virtualization, allows protecting content of critical corporate importance, significantly reducing the time and cost allocated to desktop management, supporting clients across a wide spectrum and allows users to operate mobile. With Application Virtualization, vital business applications such as databases, ERP, CRM, e-mail, collaborative working and business intelligence are virtualized and moved to the data center. Thus, virtualized business applications can be managed and monitored while simultaneously allowing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. We offer updated solutions according to the latest technological trends.


Benefits of Server Virtualization solutions for IT infrastructure:


  • Server consolidation
  • Scalability, reliability, agility
  • Maximization of resource utilization
  • Business Continuity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Backup Facilitation


The Virtualization Solutions portfolio is as follows:


  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Area Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Virtualization Management Software


Virtualized environments are ideal structures for corporations in terms of providing expanded possibilities for management, monitoring, business continuity and disaster recovery. Electricity and cooling expenses can also be reduced at Data Centers via the virtualization of servers.

Client / Printer Solutions

Client / Printer Solutions 

We provide design, sales, installation and after-sales support services for customers via a wide range of products and developing technology in accordance with their expectations and needs, and these solutions meet the most basic needs of all enterprises in industry. In accordance with expectations for mobility and the accessibility of data from anywhere, traditional desktop products are increasingly being replaced by tablet solutions. Furthermore, developing technology is driving product diversity. Many solutions are provided regarding management and system integration of client products with different properties. This diversity requires improvement of security systems and making them suitable for the environment. Netas offers updated solutions to customers according to new technological trends.


Client Solutions portfolio:


Corporate Desktop and Notebook Computers

Corporate PC and Notebook products meet the most basic needs of enterprises. Corporate PC and Notebook products are preferred by large and medium scale customers because they have corporate-secure chips, have wider service opportunities, can be customized and have docking station connections, corporate accessories and physical stability.


Workstations and Thin Client Solutions

Desktop and mobile workstation solutions are ideal for environments where programs requiring strong graphic processing, especially CAD/CAM applications, and powerful calculations are used. The basic difference separating these products from other solutions is their stable and high-performance operation due to their strong hardware. In environments where Desktop and Application Virtualization are used, thin client solutions providing management facilitation, energy saving and cost advantages are offered. These solutions provide information security and fast access opportunities.


Tablet Solutions

Tablet solutions are offered according to current technological developments and customer expectations. We offer solutions for different operating systems, different screen sizes and different fields of use, all according to customer needs. Corporate PC and Notebook products are expected to mostly be replaced by tablet solutions in the near future. Product alternatives include the solutions offered by many local and international brands.



Printing Systems Solutions

Design, sales, installation and after-sales support services are offered for printing systems solutions in accordance with customer needs. The solution scope can vary and expand from a single printer to comprehensive corporate printing management. Also, page break and similar printing solutions are offered in accordance with new trends and developments.

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