Our experience in the IT market and comprehensive solutions allow us to contribute to creating measurable increases in corporate network infrastructure efficiency and the service quality provided to end-users. With Netaş Corporate Network Solutions, we design your current local area network and wide area network in compliance with state-of-the-art technology trends in a sustainable, flexible, scalable, high performance and secure manner.

Netas Corporate Network Solutions assists you to accelerate your network, reduce related costs and complexity, increase security and benefit from all the advantages that mobility offers. It allows your network to adapt to changing corporate requirements and optimize new application installations. Our solutions provide significant time and money savings to corporations and make important contributions to the efficient operation of business processes. Additionally, we have not forgotten the environment, having for many years prioritizing a high quality concept of service in the IT industry with our environmentally friendly solutions.

Netas Service Solutions covers a large field, ranging from critical technical services to integrated management and operation services. We provide support to and operate all the information technology infrastructures and activities of our customers, allowing them to focus on their main objectives. We incorporate technological infrastructure and business applications, together with various services related to executing the business processes. We always prioritize unconditional customer satisfaction when offering end-to-end solutions.

Corporate Mobility

Today, mobile technologies have started to influence almost all areas of life. Although corporate companies are aware of this influence, they still have difficulties in deploying them in their operations. With Netas Corporate Mobility solutions, we can take the hassle out of deployment while you use these technologies to increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers, strengthen cooperation and develop flexibility.

Secure Access to Mobile Devices

An average user currently owns three times more mobile devices due to "BYOD- Bring Your Own Device" and mobility. A company with 1000 users is seen as one with 3000 users. Additionally, technologies such as sensors, closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) and building automation are also connected to the network. Corporate companies can meet this rapidly growing wave with a highly secure and reliable wireless network.

Mobile Applications

Our solutions allow organizations to share their mobile applications, content and cooperation services in a secure and uninterrupted manner.

Location-Based User Experience

Using our mobile applications and portal solutions, you can discover the behavior of your customers in your location, understand their actions and offer them better and more customized services. Netaş Service Solutions unit prepares discovery reports using professional software and tools for the coverage area and product positioning projects in your location with its specialist technical staff.

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