Digital Readiness

The growing trend of digitalization has recently gained prominence in the agendas of both IT managers and the wider management of companies, being caused by the direct impact of IT technologies on the main priorities of companies such as growth, customers and employees.

Netaş observes that positioning digital transformation in the structure most suitable for business purposes and creating new revenue areas using the power of IT are gaining prominence. We project that digitalization will become one of the top priorities, starting today for some companies and soon for others. In addition to business priorities, we are aware that digitalization cannot be achieved without secure systems with infrastructures ready for digitalization and which can generate rapid results.

In other words, we project that digital transformation focused on business priorities can be achieved only with the optimum use of IT technologies. We therefore offer our technological know-how to our customers from this perspective, preparing our customers for digital transformation and successfully carrying out their projects by cooperating with both IT and business units.

We have prepared Netaş Digital Corporate Framework accordingly and we continuously update it according to customer needs.


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