Business Solutions

We have been creating business solutions to meet the demands of companies for many years, starting from the day we performed the first software export in Turkey, to today where we have become the software export champion with more than 750 R&D engineers. We offer our customers our software experience in various fields such as industry applications, mobile applications, customization of existing products and the end-to-end integration of different systems.

While implementing our business solutions, we carry out projects across a broad spectrum with our proven competence in different software languages and with different manufacturer platforms. Our projects include systems used throughout Turkey, be it interconnecting hundreds of systems or providing a structure for a certain function of a company. These solutions can be deployed in a structure fully specific to the customer or in partnership with global giants such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

At this juncture, Microsoft holds a very important place in Netas’ business solutions. We have strengthened our Microsoft solutions experience of many years with the Microsoft Service Center and operate together for the licensing, infrastructure, application, communication, cloud and service requirements of companies.

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