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The ACRS Project that Netaş developed specifically for Aydem has proved to be a major success in a very short time

The smart grid network infrastructure developed by Aydem Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., using computer and network technologies in an integrated manner, has significantly boosted the company's operational efficiency.


  • Netaş wins two top prizes at 4th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit

    Turkey’s leading systems integrator Netaş, was awarded two top prizes at the 4th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.  Netaş was awarded the top prize in the "R&D Employment" field in addition to being named the "Most Successful R&D Center in the Telecommunications Industry in 2014."

  • Netaş Wesley Clover Tech Fund enables young entrepreneurs to build a new generation of technology companies

    The Netaş Wesley Clover Technology Fund, under management of TRPE Capital,is established with colloboration of Netaş and Wesley Clover Holding of Canadian investor, Sir Terrence H. Matthews. The Fund invests in early stage technology startups that offer high value added products. The Fund’s activities, investment model and innovative products of the portfolio companies were presented at the press conference held on 30 September 2015 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Istanbul.

  • Netaş wins First Prize in three categories in "Top 500 ICT Company" survey

    Turkey's leading systems integrator Netaş has been awarded the top prize by BT Haber Yayıncılık, one of Turkey's most prestigious publishing groups, in the 16th "ICT 500 - Top 500 ICT Company" survey. Netaş won in the following categories: "Network Hardware", "Software Exports," and "Systems Integrator and Hardware."