What is required for a completely secure VoIP Network?

A number of steps are required to create a secure VoIP system. One of the most important steps is vulnerability scanning for proactive threat detection. Another is to deploy a VoIP specific application level firewall that can detect and prevent attacks and intrusion attempts. Also, the operational management capabilities of the VoIP system play a role in establishing a secure environment.

A traditional network firewall cannot protect a system against VoIP specific threats such as TDoS, TDDoS, Fake CLI, Call Tear-Down, Brute-Force Registration and User Enumeration Attacks, Fuzzing Attempts and Traffic & Toll Fraud methods such as Wangiri, Revenue Sharing Schemes, Premium Number Frauds and OTT Bypass Frauds.

VoIP/UC systems require an automatic tool that analyzes all the security infrastructures from end-user phones to call servers and reports configuration errors in the system. Designed for this purpose, NOVA V-SPY Vulnerability Analysis Tool is compliant with standards and performs comprehensive screening, false numbering, fuzzing, DoS/DDoS, brute-force attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks. This easy-to-use, modular and high performance vulnerability analysis tool is designed to support penetration tests and to help system administrators assess the security of VoIP applications. V-SPY can easily be operated by network engineers regardless of their security experience.

For a reinforced protection, consider using NOVA V-Gate VoIP Firewall, which can detect and proactively prevent various attacks and toll & traffic frauds in real time. NOVA V-Gate VoIP Firewall prevents attacks such as TDoS/TDDoS, brute force, call tear down and fuzzing with almost real-time signature and rule based algorithms. It also detects and prevents toll and traffic fraud attempts with machine learning and statistical data analysis methods.

Besides being an application level firewall, V-Gate can also be used to enhance the operational management capabilities of your system. The versatile “Policy Rule Editor” enables you to filter signaling based on every possible protocol parameter. On the other hand, the “IDS/IPS” system allows you to prevent fraud attempts by creating rules that model the flow of fraud types and filtering calls that match these rules. The comprehensive VoIP Monitoring feature of V-Gate allows you to obtain the important information from the vast amounts of data generated by a VoIP Network with just a glance. The monitoring feature also provides a vast amount of information, such as cause code distribution of SIP response messages. Also, the CDR created by V-GATE present you with a much broader view on what is going on within your network than the usual CDR created by your regular VoIP elements.

Ensure that your VoIP Carrier System is protected against VoIP attacks by utilizing the real time detection and proactive prevention features provided by the NOVA V-SPY and V-Gate, security products specifically engineered for VoIP!

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